We chopped off some of Elle’s hair:2013-10-05 iPhone 90303Ha! That was Elle’s idea of a gag picture.  She won’t let me near that hair of hers with a ten-foot pole if any scissors are involved she wants it long so bad. Grace was the one begging for a trim.2013-10-05 iPhone 903002013-10-05 iPhone 90301 As you can tell, she was pretty pleased with that cut of hers:)2013-10-05 iPhone 903042013-10-05 iPhone 90305 I did get close enough to Elle’s to at least try to hide the split ends somehow:2013-10-05 iPhone 90321 Gotta do something now and then with all these girls’ heads of hair I’m sort of in charge of!2013-10-05 iPhone 90327(You just do two low braids on each side and pin them up and over.) Oh the joys of having so much hair in one house… I’m pretty sure I should start my own Pinterest hair-do station… I’ll just keep photos like this tucked safely away…2008-10-23kids0440 🙂

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  1. Shawni use Wen. It works great for Kylie's hair and you know how it is. A little expensive and takes a learning curve but just watch the videos and it takes you exactly through it. I buy it off QVC because it is cheaper but you can get it off the website. I use the WEN kids on Kylie and now her split ends are great and I didn't even have to cut her hair.

  2. If Elle is looking forward for a long and healthy hair, tell her to cut those split ends! These dead ends will make hair breakage more constant and she might end up with unhealthy odd looking hair.
    Trimming 1/4th of an inch of your hair every 6-8 weeks is great for you!

  3. shawni, my husband and i are going to india in a couple of weeks. i was wondering if you can give me any tips?!! i am very nervous and want to make sure i have it planned out perfectly. i have emailed melissa tours and hopefully they will be able to take us around. but you have any other tips i would greatly appreciate it. i'm pretty sure my mother in law said my husbands grandparents know your parents! Colleen and Elder Maxwell. you can leave a message on my blog jodi-anderson.blogspot or you can email me lvchic@ hotmail. thanks!!

  4. I was coming to say exactly what Ana Carolina has said – get Elle to trim her splits, then her hair will grow better. I take a pair of nail scissors and cut just a centimetre above the split (you can see where the split finishes, give it a bit more than that to be safe). Otherwise eventually it stops getting longer as it just splinters and bits fall off all the time. I've not had a haircut in 18 months but I trim all the time. Grace's new haircut looks great!

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