All the girls in our family are proud recipients of new haircuts…ok, well not Lucy, but all us other girls. Elle got her first professional haircut (besides the boy haircut I had to take her in for when she chopped her hair off above her ears when she was two…very traumatic but that’s a story for another day). The boys on the other hand are in serious need of one (I’ll post a picture of them later).

I had to post this picture of Grace & Claire to illustrate the fact I’ve got some teenagers in the making. I just look at this and picture my four girls, all teenagers some day in the future, lined up in front of the mirror getting ready for school. Maybe by then they’ll be able to do their own hair and I won’t have to have the continual morning routine of doing five heads of hair?? Will that be sad because I’ll be thinking to myself why did they have to grow up so fast? I think for the hair part of growing up I’ll be glad!

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  1. Shawni
    We had such a great time at dinner with you guys last night. I could talk to you about anything! Thanks for taking us out. I love the haircuts. The one with Grace and Clare primping in the mirror is a classic. I love your pictures

  2. I can’t imagine doing 5 heads of hair every morning and 4 of them are girls hair, which we all know takes time and skill. I am happy it takes 1 minute for me to do all 3 boys. I’ll think of you next time I am dreading the morning hair ritual. Although Christian does do his own hair now which is nice.

  3. Your children all have a very similar look. I think it’s their pretty eyes, which I’m guessing are your eyes. It’s always fun to figure out the link in each family. Our kids all look very different to me, but they all have similar eyes.

    Anyway, cute kids! You make me want one more.

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