Yesterday was a half-day at school.

And the term “half-day” goes simultaneously with pure delight in our family.

Wait, let’s clarify: the term “half-day” equals delight for the KIDS in this family.

To the haggard, tired, single-mother-for-almost-a-full-week-’cause-her-husband’s-still-in-China part of the family, the term “half day” doesn’t hold quite the charm.

But it doesn’t hold dread either, because hey, how can it be dreaded when you factor in these expressions??
Oops…that’s not the delight one…There we go.This is what we refer to as Lucy’s “happy.” And let’s have a little cheer for me right here since I FINALLY caught it.

(And let’s also note that I am really learning to pick my battles. The fact that Lucy wants to wear her Strawberry Shortcake nightgown that’s way to small for her over her clothes is something I chose NOT to battle over. Plus, you’ve got to admit it’s kinda cute.)

At one point in the day I counted 16 girls in a complete swirl of activity.

And one poor boy sitting in the midst of them plunking out his piano practice that his mean mom made keep his word to do when he decided he wanted to sleep in the morning instead of doing it then.

But never fear, he definitely got in some play too…in the midst of a thousand pink bikes in the driveway…

That never stopped some good hoops.

Today we catapulted into summer as six little girls decided it was time to start swimming.

And we squoze enough fresh lemons for one heck of a lemonade stand.

But I wasn’t quite as quick to jump in with the camera.

I was tired from speaking at two stake baptisms.

And cleaning up half of the lemon juice off the floor.

Ok Dave, please come home.

I am ready.

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  1. That’s how Fridays are here too. I only let me kids play on “half-day’s” which are Friday here — so Friday — scary!:)
    Last friday I’m pretty sure it was me who had the melt down.

  2. Shawni, are there any killer real estate deals in your neighborhood because I must live there! I drool over pictures of your kiddos playing in your neighborhood. It is perfection.

  3. Such FUN for the kids. So CRAZY for the mom! Love the pics. WHEN is Dave getting home? Looks like Claudia’s kids are still there! She must be close enough to bring the kids back!
    Sure love you!

  4. It looks SO fun Shawni!! Can I come? I miss Caitlin being there in the fun with Elle–I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since we moved. Wow! You are an amazing, patient Mother with all of those kids at your house. Your neighborhood and family are so lucky to have you!!

  5. Love all the fun pics! Aren’t happy kid pics the best? I am jealous of that corner shot of the bare foot outside! Still getting chilly here in Philly…

  6. Wow! That’s a lot of activity for you to deal with on your own! Looks like you made the most of it, and it was lots of ‘fun’ for everyone. 😉

  7. Shawni, You’ve got to get some sleep! You’ve got another big week ahead but we sure are excited to see you. It’s fun to see summer if only on your blog.

  8. I love your in-ground tramp. I gotta wonder what sub-division you live in. I know you met my neighbor at Costco and I just can not seem to figure out the houses from the pictures. It’ll come I am sure!

    What a fun half day. I bet you are on spring break now. We are half way through ours…. and I am half way to losing my brain in the middle of the street!

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