Lu’s walking. I’m not talking about taking steps. I’m talking about holding my hand and walking along with me…by my side…without throwing a tantrum that she’s not on my hip.

It’s liberating.

It’s rejuvenating.

It’s amazing what a difference it makes (especially because, really and truly, she weighs 34 pounds…and that’s a lot to carry everywhere).

Meet my new heroes…the catalysts for her new walking trend:
Yep, crocs. I must admit that I’ve never been a big fan of crocs. I mean, they really aren’t great looking if you ask me. But Lu fell in love with her cousin’s pair at Bear Lake, and wouldn’t leave them alone. So Dave picked her up her own pair in China and she’s mesmerized by them.

She adores them.

She loves to walk in them.

So, now I’m in love with crocs too.

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  1. Yay for you…and Lu!!


    Thought they were ugly when I first saw them in 2002 in Wisconsin. Then I bought some for gardening and was sold. Each of my kids has at least two pair. Not the cutest…but completely functional!!

  2. YEAH for Lucy and your hip! Scott has a pair of crocs and they are really comfortable. I find myself slipping them on around my house, to avoid stepping on those nasty little scorpions! We haven’t seen you guys forever – we need to get together. Your pictures are adorable.

  3. I love watching her walk in those Crocs she is so darn cute! Love the school pictures! Yours look all bright and awesome! Mine turned out so dark. What’s my problem?

  4. I held the same sentiment for crocs too. Then my girls were caught stealing their friends shoe at whosever home we were at, wearing them around the house and refusing to take them off. That’s when we bought some too. And theres something to be said about 22 month olds being able to put their own shoes on without your help. So glad she’s walking…you must be buff.

  5. yea yea yea!
    Congrats to YOU!
    Hey – what size does she wear? I have some bright pink ones that my little one won’t fit into for a while…they are super cute and would look darling on her feet! If they are her size – I’ll bring them over!!!
    And I agree – not the cutest, but they are all my little girl’s first choice of shoe..?? oh – and my husbands?? 🙂

  6. How liberating! I too love when my kids learned to walk and no longer wanted to be held at all times. However, My kids all walk at 10 months and weigh 20 pounds. So, your joy is much “fuller!”

    Congratulations on getting your hip back!

  7. Love the crocs too! She is such a doll! I loved your post about what you did today a few down! I can totally relate! My summer has been full of door shutting 100’s of times, NOISE! and getting drinks all day! I finally bought each of my kids a cup with their name on it hoping it will help them not dirty ever cup in the house! Congrats to your little Lu on the walking thing! My baby just learned to walk too it’s bitter sweet! Take care!

  8. 34 pounds…I thought you were kidding before. Man on man…glad you have a break now altough carrying her around was probably good cardio! I am so glad she has mastered a new skill! Yeah Lu!

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