We were down to two trick-or-treaters this year.

Lucy held on to an idea I had a while back to be Lea the American Girl Doll.  I was trying to sway her deftly away from some other idea, I can’t even remember what it was…little did I know that this one would be trickier. 
So as the day got closer she got more and more persistent that we find that non-existent American Girl Doll outfit.  Yes, they have those outfits at the AG store, but they’re too small for her not to mention pretty dang pricey, so we went to Good Will to try to find something to her satisfaction (which is not an easy task).  We weren’t ready by the Fall Festival neighborhood Halloween party so I was quite impressed with Claire’s ability to tide her over and make her excited to become a green M&M in lieu of her “real” outfit just for that night.
But as the big day drew near still all we had was a too-tight dress from Good Will that looked kind of like an explorer color in Lucy’s eyes.  (Lea is an explorer for those not in the American Girl Doll world).
By this time in my life I hate to say it but I’m kind of Halloween’ed out.  
Kind of done with all the cute outfits and coordination and excitedness that goes along with it.  I know, kind of a little bit of a Halloween grinch.  I’m tired.
But as I looked into those blue eyes of Lucy’s before she left for school that day I remembered that just because I’m sick of it all doesn’t mean she is.  That magical Halloween twinkle was still going strong in those eyes of hers and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  So I buckled down and did my best on the AG dealio.  Luckily my friend had some binoculars and I rounded up a “Lea necklace” and an “explorer satchel” before she got home.

And you know what?  If you tell Lucy anything with enough enthusiasm in your voice it just may convince her that it’s the best thing in the world.  Especially if you can get Claire going in your corner.

So she was pleased as punch with how it turned out, and that’s all that matters.

Sure, I could have ironed out that thing, but I’m pretty sure exploring dolls must not have very pressed clothes, right?

I love that a few little things can make kids so happy.

Claire’s “partner in crime” joined us for pictures:

 We actually made time to squeeze in our Halloween soup tradition…

 (recipe HERE…and I don’t think you can get enough avocados…)

And then we realized there was a gorgeous sunset lighting up the Halloween sky.

 Which, of course, I had to snap a picture of.

And on my way back in, this scene took my breath away for a second.

How I love this family of mine.

And how I love Halloween (when it’s over) and all the memories it holds through the years as well.

And that yes, still a couple of my kids have that Halloween twinkle magic still rooted firmly in their eyes.

Grace got back from cheer practice just in time for dinner and one quick pic. half-way into her eighties outfit:

I took Claire to join up with her posse…
All the robbers with weird lighting:

(but I guess robbers get that kind of lighting sometimes right?)

They all gathered where my friend was ordering pizza for this crowd…

(Which never came, but they sure had fun anyway.)

Here’s one of their pit-stops from a pic. my friend took:

When I got home from dropping off Claire and getting a couple of her friends situated Dave and our neighbors had set up this little “hydration station” for the trick-or-treaters coming by our cul-de-sac…

…and Lucy had set of trick-or-treating with the sweetest, kindest friend in the whole history of friends.  Trick-or-treating isn’t easy for Lucy who cannot see much if anything at night, so this friend stayed back from the little group of their friends to help Lucy maneuver the night.  Sweetest girl ever.

Luckily a flashlight was part of her “explorer” motif which I’m sure helped.

So Dave and I (along with my brother Josh), sat and handed out candy and drinks and caught up with our neighbors we adore but have been like “ships crossing in the night” lately with all the hoopla life brings.

It was the best to sit there on that perfect equilibrium evening and feel a sense of peace that all was well.

Lucy came home with a full “explorer satchel” and shining with happiness as well as tiredness…

…so I tucked her right in bed and joined our adult gathering at the end of the street for a little longer (by the end of the night we had a little group there), until the big kids came home for the “great candy dump/exchange).

Meanwhile, Grace was a perfect eighties girl with her friends:

Elle was a “nineties girl” over on her Hawaiian island in between semesters:

 But that was the weekend…here’s what she did on actual Halloween:

(which I figure is a pretty great way to spend that day…)
…and Max was over in Taiwan transitioning from his two months in the office off to a new companion back down to the Southern part of Taiwan once again.

(We are due for a big update on him on this blog soon…)

Dave and I didn’t dress up on Halloween, but sure got in the spirit dressing up as cowboys the weekend before:

We are not the best dress-up-ers known to man I have to say.
And a Halloween wrap-up wouldn’t be complete without a few pics of our pumpkin carving we got to squeeze in the night before:

So long, Halloween!

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  1. I am a mother of 5 kids myself with my oldest in college and I'm halloweened out as well. I appreciate your reminder to keep it fun for the younger ones who still enjoy it so much.

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