We had our big neighborhood/church trunk-or-treat last night.

All those kids dressed up made me wonder how in the world life has flown by so fast.

Like, I blinked and suddenly my love/hate relationship with Halloween has sort of disappeared.

Oh, those days of all those costumes!

The kids deciding on one thing and then changing.

And then changing again.

The excitement in their eyes.

The mess. The sugar overload. The make-up. Being loaded up to the brim with their discarded costume parts by the end of the night.

Trying to keep track of kids at all the carnivals and school parties and festivities.

Yes, I hated it.

And I also LOVED it.

Come on, Halloween is kind of magical in some ways, you’ve got to admit.

Or maybe you just admit that when you’re a mom looking back.

Who knows, but in my nostalgia I looked up some old pictures that made my heart all mushy, and figured I’d share.

I think we got pretty good at repurposing outfits:) This witch one was a popular one.

“Mitt Romney” was one of Claire’s all-time favorites:

Max and I were pretty proud of this creation one year:

Three girls wore this Alice in Wonderland dress Elle and I made one year:

Claire and I made this “doll” outfit below:

Ok, I could go on and on with those suckers, but thank you for coming down memory lane with me today.

Happy pre-Halloween week to all you mothers deep in the trenches of piles of costumes and Halloween paraphernelia.

Do me a favor and hug those little goblins and witches and princesses a little extra for me.


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  1. I love all the different outfits/costumes that everyone has worn over the years. They looked brill.

    Here in the UK Halloween is so different than in the US. In the UK it’s all about dressing up as witches & ghosts etc, nothing fun.

    I always admired Charity for dressing up her children in fun costumes when she was living in the UK.

    1. Lots of fun years under our belts! And yes, Charity is rocking it in the Halloween category, did you see her kids cute pirate outfits?

  2. I’ve been listening to a few of your podcast episodes I usually listen to podcasts at 1.25 or 1.5x speed, but you gals speak at a decent clip, so there is no need 🤣 (seriously, it’s nice that you pack in so much advice). I also like that you say each others’ names when you’re speaking – you all look so different (though definitely related), but you have such similar speaking cadences I forget who is who. Thanks.

  3. I’m really enjoying your podcasts too, one thing I’d say though is I wish you would spend more time talking about your families now and the Trials and triumphs that you deal with rather than what life was growing up back when.

    1. Thank you for that input…we’ll get to that next “season.” This season (up until Christmas), we’re trying to lay out the groundwork a little bit, but we sure have a lot to say about our current families as well. Keep any input coming, we love it!

  4. Yes, they looked so cute.

    On her Instagram page yesterday Charity showed some pix of her children in the various costumes from when it was Moses’s 1st Halloween & they all looked so cute.

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