The beginning of this week seemed to crawl like a snail and now suddenly it’s Friday?  How did that happen?
And somehow it just suddenly turned into October 28th?  IT IS THE END OF OCTOBER (and my Dad’s birthday too…HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!  Your b-day poem is coming).  I can’t quite come to grips with that end of October business.
But like it or not, Halloween is around the corner.
Although we haven’t carved pumpkins as a family yet, we did have two different groups of pumpkin carvers over here.

Grace has firmly inherited my love of pumpkin carving and organized a group of friends over to carve right when October hit:

…and then she had the grand idea to carve pumpkins for a church activity one night last week as well, and when we were done we turned off the lights and decided on “awards” for each one as we admired their work.

These girls got mighty creative…love what they came up with.

Most of them worked in pairs and we had a kind of fun talk as they carved trying to get to know the newest move-in (there have been 27 new families who have moved into our ward in the last few months since there’s a new development going in near us…yowzas).

Loved them all but this one was particularly impressive:

Free-hand Darth Vader…yeah, good job Emma and Kennadie!

These girls were pretty proud of their creation too 🙂

The annual neighborhood Fall Festival arrived on the very most crazy weekend of the year I swear.  But Claire figured out her “robber” outfit and deftly helped me get Lu super excited about Grace’s old M&M outfit we dusted off from the closet to wear just for that night until we could figure out her “American Girl Doll” outfit she’s dying to be for the real-deal day.

 If you look real close you’ll notice she dressed up that little green M&M outfit with a little drawing of herself taped on along with her full name.

I mean, you never know when an M&M disguise will make you completely unrecognizable so you bette be sure to label yourself 🙂

 Claire’s friends at the neighborhood party:

 Check out this costume:

Are you kidding me?  I’m not big into gore for Halloween but I couldn’t help but be impressed with that one!

We were at Goodwill the other day really quick between cheer and soccer carpools (after poor Lucy had reminded me every single day for a couple weeks that we needed to figure out her outfit) to try to round some things up and ran into my friend with her stroller and toddlers glued to her legs on the same kind of mission.  And it made me think how crazy it is how Halloween evolves for mothers.

It somehow made me joyous and melancholy all at the same time.

How I miss these pumpkin carving/ Halloween creatures of mine who used to be little enough to all stand in a row and be together for at least five minutes on Halloween:

 I miss them.

 Even that belly-dancer throwing a giant tantrum up there.

Now one is on an island in the middle of the ocean with this sitting in front of her dorm to celebrate the big day:
…and the other is getting ready to have transfer day on Halloween on another far, far away island.
And I sure adore who they are becoming.
And I love that we have all these Halloween memories packed away to make me sad and happy all mixed together on this Friday morning when I should be scrambling to do all kinds of other things:)
Bring it on, Halloween 2016!

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  1. This brings back so many memories for me too! How I wish I had a collection of all those costumes through the years! I spent too much time hoping it would soon be over and not enough time really savoring the moments.

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