Ok, I’m back in the swing of things and have chosen the winner of the happiness give-away through random.org: Quelly said… I think I need this in my life right now! Please enter me for a free course. Well, consider yourself “entered!” So excited for you because you’re going to love this. Please let me know your contact info. at sepphotography dot com so I can get you in touch with Virginia (my sister-in-law and co-founder of this great program). She’ll help you get your book and get going on your class. Congratulations!!! (And thank you Bob and Virginia for the generous give-away!) I know a LOT of people asked about how they could order this book if they didn’t win, how to start their own book club with it, how to learn more, and how to become a teacher.  Virginia is the best person to contact with all these questions.  You can email her at virginia at hapacus dot com, or call her at (855) 722-4165.  Enjoy and be happy! Love, Shawni

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  1. Hi Shawni, I love reading your posts and appreciate how busy you must be. I too live away from family and you inspire me to keep plugging away at the blogging so my family feels connected to us. Keep up the good work! Trina

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