2012-12-31 iPhone 67457 It seems like we just barely celebrated bringing in 2012.  And now it’s 2013.  How did that happen?  I have a sneaking suspicion 2013 is going to be a good year.  I’m working hard on my “one word” motto for 2013 and Dave’s whipped us in shape with some new resolutions. I’m excited to download New Years celebration pictures but in the meantime, here are a couple photo shoots. I am kind of secretly happy that my girls and their friends actually ask for photo shoots. 2012-11-30 friends 653332012-11-30 friends 653342012-11-30 friends 65336 They tell me how they want to pose and I just snap away.2012-11-30 friends 653582012-11-30 friends 653622012-11-30 friends 65391 Claire and her friends did not want to miss out on the fun.2012-11-30 friends 653542012-11-30 friends 65356 But the other girls could hardly help themselves from getting in the shots.2012-11-30 friends 653922012-11-30 friends 65394 We had to shoo them away:)2012-11-30 friends 65395 I love the self-directed poses.2012-11-30 friends 653962012-11-30 friends 65399 …and how the personalities come out.2012-11-30 friends 654082012-11-30 friends 65410 The leaf-throwing somehow led to the idea of doing some leaf-raking service for the neighbors.2012-11-30 friends 65415And I love that even more than photo shoots. I love that Elle and her friends can actually DO their own photo shoots:2012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 66653They just took off and did these on their own one day. 2012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 66658We need to get a remote so that she doesn’t have to run back and forth for the auto timer. 2012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 666642012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 66666 Love these goofy girls.2012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 666672012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 666682012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 667112012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 667402012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 667412012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 667472012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 667552012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 667592012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 667792012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 667852012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 668092012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 668162012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 668242012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 668452012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 668572012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 668632012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 668652012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 669102012-12-21 elle's photoshoot 66938 Happy New Year!

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  1. The more I see of Elle's photography, the more I love it! She's amazing! Did you say one time that she's on instagram? I just started getting into it more, and I'd love to see her stuff. 🙂 My account is mmmelindy.

  2. Help! Sorry to ask a question on your comment section.

    I have been struggling with bedtime with my 3 year old daughter since summer time. Before our 4 week trip to Utah (I live in PA) she slept like a princess. Now, every night is a huge battle and usually ends on a bad note. My husband and I have tried everything.

    Any tips? She is super stubborn.

    please respond to anneggpeay@gmail.com

  3. you have the cutest family and your kids seem to have the best of friends!! Love all the photography. Love how elle's teen personality comes out in them. This sounds as if I even know y'all!! Haha! great post! 🙂

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