I am so overwhelmed with gratitude lately that I get to be related to my in-laws.

I know many aren’t so lucky with in-laws. I’ve heard some crazy, nutty stuff which makes me sad. But I have to write about how much I love these guys. Cause I thank my lucky stars on a daily basis that I get to call them “mine.”

I’ve always known they are great. They are kind and good as can be.

But on top of that they are entertaining as all get-out. Maybe it’s because they are as competitive as they come, and pretty darn protective and funny and spiritual all rolled up into one package.

Dave’s Dad turned 70 in March so all the out-of-towners flew in for a “stay-cation” adult reunion. (Remember the “on-the-ball parenting” we exhibited so flawlessly while we tried to juggle all the hoopla with being parents.)

We sure packed a bunch into those couple days.
(That was spring training up there…)

Dave’s sister put on an amazing dinner one night for the big celebration:
After dinner Dave’s dad (and mom and uncle) talked a bit about their growing-up and courting years. Someone was smart enough to record that. It will be cherished for generations to come.

The next day we had a doubles tennis tournament:…Which is quite entertaining with this competitive group. Dave was in charge of this part and did a great job.

That afternoon we went and sat by Dave’s brother and his wife’s new beautiful pool they just put in:
Of course, there was some serious competition thrown in there with the games they played. I took video footage of a couple things and then set my iPhone down. Little did I know it was still recording. I LOVE the sound it recorded, so although this has no images and you’ll probably get bored after about the first 20 seconds, I just figured I’d include it so you can hear how funny these guys are. These are adults playing Marco Polo and other pool games:

It made me wish I would have recorded more conversations. They crack me up.

The last night there was a big party with a packed house of people who know and love and who’s lives have been made better because of this wonderful man.
How grateful I am for him. For his humble wisdom and spiritual example and for raising my husband to be the man he is. I can never thank him enough for that.

I’m so thankful for his example to all of us.

The last morning we had a brunch to celebrate another birthday (one of the cousins) before everyone took off to the airport:
That couple on the couch in the above lower corner (Dave’s oldest brother and his wife) planned the bulk of the 70th birthday bash with everyone else chipping in a bunch. So grateful for them!
I love those last two pictures because they are so typical of how much everyone laughs when they are together. There’s always lots of teasing and chiding, but always filled with love.

Man I love these guys:
p.s. for better pictures from someone who wasn’t so lazy and actually carried around a real camera click on my sister-in-law’s blog HERE.

And to see the awesome book she made for Papa, click HERE. Crazy-amazingly-talented? Absolutely.

Also, to see a cool thing a different brother-in-law and his wife are doing, click HERE.

And completely unrelated to this post in any way, if you haven’t seen this article Power of Moms co-founder April wrote click HERE. It is so poignant in our day and age with so much social media, and it is so well-written that it has circled the internet like crazy. I’ve been thinking about how true it is all weekend. Thank you April!

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  1. So you don't know me but long story short I found your blog recently because of your adorable little girl Lucy. Anyway, in one of your posts I noticed Elder Pothier (as I knew him) in one of your pictures and finally realized he was your father-in-law! Small world. I'm from Arizona but I was going to school at BYU-I when he was called on a mission here. I was in his ward when he served with Bishop Erickson. I served on the activities committee which I think he was over(?) and I even went to his house for FHE. I don't expect him to remember me at all since the wards up here are constantly changing but I saw this post and had to add my two cents. He (and his wife) are amazing! I've been through several wards and bishoprics since I've lived here and have forgotten many people but I will always remember the Pothiers. They were just so sweet and gentle and I loved the spirit in their home. They were awesome! So happy birthday to your father-in-law! Fun to find him again.

  2. wow what a great weekend and so action packed! I love how even a tennis game was included!!!!!

    I bet he is still talking about that weekend for a long time to come


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