What???!?! How did that happen? I can hardly believe it, but it’s true. That tiny baby who filled us up with so much light to that toddler we couldn’t get enough of…

…now she is going to be driving out in the big, wide world all on her own in a few days. And going out on her first date in a few more. She’s growing up right before my eyes. And I couldn’t love her more.

Favorite things about my newest sixteen-year-old:

When she is happy, (which she most often is), she is REALLY happy. And she makes the whole world around her happy with her, dancing, jumping, making funny faces, you name it, she lets her light shine I tell you!

2) Speaking of “funny faces,” this was her signature one when she was little, sense of humor started out there:

ok, that’s not actually the real-deal famous “funny face,” but an example of many of her funny faces,
that girl’s got a whole slew of them I tell you!

3) She is on-top-of-it. She’s one I never have to ask about homework, never have to wake up in the mornings, she’s on time and reliable. Now if we can get her to clean her room….

4) She is kind. I see it most with her little sister. Whether Lucy knows it or not, that Claire is her biggest hero.

5) She is smart. She works so hard at school and figures out how to learn in the best way she can.

6) She is an adventure partner. She’s always willing to go on adventures with me whether it’s to run out and check out the sunset or go on our own little side adventure on a family trip, she’s a good go-to girl for the crazy plans I sometimes come up with.

7) She’s got the moves. I don’t think there’s anyone who can bust out dance moves more dramatic and with less inhibition than she has.

8) Not only does she have the dance moves, she loves working on the “moves” for other things too. Like gymnastics and soccer and even a little ballet, she gave them her ALL! Now it’s on to the volleyball moves. Her coach has her switching out to right side from middle here and there and she is catching on so fast.

9) She is good to her mama. Oh, she can give a good eye-roll, I’ll tell you that for sure, but she is quick to offer a hand and throw her arms around me at the drop of a hat and I love it.

10) She lives life fully. Lets it all hang out, whether she could just jump for joy …

…or she is in deep sorrow, you know it:)

11) She adores babies.

12) She is courageous, isn’t afraid (most of the time) to talk to people and do hard things.

13) She wins the award for breaking the most bones, and for sure she wins for having the most ginormous cold sores. And she has failed at more than most kids have that age, from student elections to being cut from sports teams, she’s been through the wringer a few times. So why is that on the “list of things I love about her”? Well, because I think it’s made her tougher, and more able to take herself lightly, which brings me to…

14) She is confident in her own skin. She’s beautiful but I think what makes her the most beautiful is that fact, the light comes from an inner-light, not something make-up or glamor can bring.

15) She’s a good driver (WooHoo!) She drove me all over on multiple freeways yesterday with confidence and ease. And yes, she’s over-the-moon excited about getting her license in a few days, (we were at Bear Lake when she could have taken her permit test to get her license on the big day), I think I may be even more excited. Ha! (Actually there’s a little part of me that is melancholy over that, because driving time is the best time ever, but I’m sure there will still be more of that in our future.)

16) That inner-light thing? She knows where that comes from. And she works to reach Up to keep it shining.

Love you forever Claire!

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  1. I don’t see being cut from a team or losing a school
    Election to be a “failure” as you describe here. Good for Claire to put herself out there! Is she hadn’t attempted these things at all the result would have been the same.

    1. I guess the word “failure” could mean different things for different people. I definitely think putting yourself out there and trying new things even if it means you may fail makes you grow in ways you never could if stay comfortable though!

  2. What is the driving age there .. in Alberta, kids. An get their learners at 14 and full licence at 16. In England we couldn’t get our learners until 17!

    1. You can get your permit when you’re 15 and a half, and your license exactly six months after you take your permit test.

  3. Happy birthday to Claire!! The photo of you two (she in the white dress & navy cardigan, you in the orange & white striped shirt) is the sweetest, most beautiful mother daughter shot. So precious!! xo

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