Sorry Shaws but you need a proper happy birthday wish from your family in a way that will make you feel very uncomfortable, that is what we do. So from your husband and kids her are lists that have been sent in to express our gratitude for all you do for us. Happy Birthday and we Love You.

I love mom because: 
– She is so loving, she has so much love and always shows how much she loves people.
– She is always positive no matter what, she always makes the best of everything and reminds us to do the same
– She is the best cook and is so sweet to make dinner for us every night and RARELY misses
– She wants us to succeed and tries her hardest to help us to do so
– She is the best at FaceTiming and I love having deep conversations with her and she has the best insights about everything

I love mom because:
1. She is spontaneous. She always knows how to seize the moment and make the best memories. (Ex. The fountains at Dubai)
2. She can always see a few steps ahead. Maybe I just see that because she raised me, but mom always knows what is best for me and puts my best interest before her own.
3. She is so fun to be around. She knows how to make things fun. I remember not being totally excited for some of the safari trips in Africa (I know that sounds horrible) but we went on every single one and there wasn’t a single time it wasn’t worth it. I am sure that is because of mom’s contagious excitement.
4. She wants to go through it all with me. She gets mad at me if I don’t keep her in the loop with the bad stuff that goes on because she just wants to feel it with me to make it easier for me.
5. She loves to learn. She is an awesome example of applying what she learns and isn’t complacent with where she’s at.
Love you momma!!!


1. She is the prettiest mamma I’ve ever seen
2. She owns her tall & I wish I could own it like she does
3. She always wants to get to know my friends & talk to them & I love that she cares
4. She is genuine & always interested in what we are doing
5. She is really supportive, always wants us to be successful
6. She is a good mom (I can tell by how much her kids love her)
7. Has a lot of good high energy & is always doing things
8. Never speaks bad of anyone
9. She loves nature & beauty & is good at capturing it
10. She is a good writer
11. She is good at connecting with other people
12. She is really creative (& has good handwriting haha)
13. I love when she gets laughing really hard and can’t stop till she cries cause it makes everyone else die
14. She is very low-key & go with the flow
15. She is very patient with us
16. She is really easy to talk to & has good advice for everything
17. She knows everything
18. She makes really really really good cookies
19. I like how much she loves & cuddles bo jangles
20. She loves lar so it makes it easier for me to love & marry him that much more 


21. She is always there when we need her, even if she takes an hour to call back, she will & always wants to talk


What I love about Shawni:
1. She’ll always stop whatever she’s doing to talk to me on the phone and listen 🧡
2. She selflessly leads many women (people in general) through her words and photos.
3. She doesn’t dance but danced with us as a family
4. Her food is always amazing. She can make something great out of a few leftover ingredients
5. When she smiles so big and you can’t see her eyes ( I just always love this )
6. She is an advocate for those around her
7. I love her desire to do and try everything.


i love that mom always gives the best hugs ever and they make me so happy

i love that mom is always there to comfort me WHENEVER i am sad. if i have the hardest day at school she always knows how to cheer me up.

i love that whenever i need something taht she knows is important to me, she is quick to get it for me and willing to

i love that she gets so excited about things that are not a big deal but are so exciting to me and makes me feel so happy.

i love that when i come home from school she asks me questions about my day and let’s me talk about my whole life to her and still stay interested

i love that she has taught me to grow with piano and reading even though i may not like it right now i know how much it is helping me for the future.


Shawni is a fantastic Chef: She is adventurous in trying new recipes and the majority of the time it is a homerun. I am not a “foodie” but I am so glad my wife is so I can benefit from the good food.

Shawni thinks no evil: I told grandfather in my interview to propose to her that Shawni is the kindest person I know. That was 25 years ago and it is still true.

Shawni wants to understand and learn: She wants to know how people think and the way they were raised. She is not afraid of another point of view and is eager to try and understand. She reads books about other cultures and times and continues to educate herself by attending other religious organizations. Truly wants to understand others.

Shawni wants a party but not the center of the party:  Shawni wants to create a fun atmosphere for people to have a good time. She invites people over and opens our house to so many functions. However, she hates bringing any attention to herself at the functions.

Shawni is rooting for everyone: Deep in her blood it is impossible for Shawni to be competitive. That is probably why she was not drawn to competitive sports. She wants everyone to win and loves to see people succeed. No jealousy at all in her bones. 

Shawni is so physically stunning and she pays no mind: It is amazing how someone so beautiful spends such a small amount of time thinking about her looks. Her confidence does not rely on her looks and that is so sexy.

Shawni is a great listener: When I start ranting about something larger or small Shawni rarely gets worked up. She listens to my point of view or opinion and tries to understand. Knows when to point out the contrarian viewpoint for discussion purposes and knows when to just listen. That takes talent and self control.

Shawni has fire and drive: For such a kind non-competitive person she sure has a drive to push herself and others around her. She has great patience but once that gets pushed too far… watch out because she will come at you hard. She scares me. 


I love how she loves the beauty of the world

Love the things she cooks

How kind she is

How she always tries to help me

How she tries to help me calm down on my emotions and feelings

How patient and understanding she is

Happy birthday Shawni. We love you so much and you bring all our lives such pure JOY.


  1. Happy Birthday Shawni!! You are an amazing person with a wonderful husband and family. And it sounds like you need to publish a cookbook, they all rave about your cooking!

  2. This is lovely. x

    Happy Belated Birthday Shawni. I hope you had a great day.x

    Thank you for your great example & often answering people’s comments on the blog.

    1. P.S. When I first saw the title I couldn’t work out who in your family is called Hack.

      Then I realised what it actually meant:)

  3. Happy birthday, Shawni!
    I love that you always seem to be your true self always. I’m atheist and I love your view of the world and the joy that shines through your writing. And you don’t treat anyone like they’re a total stranger or judge when they have views different than yours. The love for your family always comes through in your writing and theirs for you is clear in this blog and by how much they involve you in everything even from so far away. I think that’s awesome. My whole family is going to be moving halfway across the country and your blogs give me hope that we’ll be able to stay in touch with each other. I’m rambling but anyways, happy birthday!!

    1. This brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful and such a surprise. Happy Birthday Shawni! May your special day be overflowing with blessings and joy. (I admit at first I was searching my mind wondering who in the family would be called Hack! Ha!)

  4. I hope you have the happiest of birthdays Shawni!
    This is such a beautiful tribute from your loving family. Soak up that love and attention today – you deserve every ounce of it!

  5. Love this!!! What an awesome surprise for you. You certainly deserve all the accolades. Happy Birthday Shawni! Many blessings and many more years of blogging. You help so many 🎂

  6. Happy Birthday Shawni! Your blog (and the commenters on your posts) always gives me hope that there are kind people “out there” when the news would like to tell me otherwise!

  7. This is the sweetest “hack” ever. Happy Birthday Shawni! I appreciate you sharing yourself and your family so others can learn from you.

  8. Happy Birthday, Shawni! Wow, this brought tears to my eyes and such joy to my heart. Reminds me of Proverbs 31 – her children (and husband) rise up and call her blessed. They praise her! You are a beautiful example to me as a mother and I pray your day is packed full of blessings!

  9. Happy birthday Shawni! I’ve been reading your blog over the last almost 10 years or so. Only one I still read consistently. It has helped me so much as a person and as a mother! You have no idea the powerful, positive impact you have on so many. Thank you for sharing with us and helping us all rise up and be a better version of ourselves!! Sending you much love!💕

  10. This post made me tear up. It is so wonderful how much you are loved. You are obviously the glue that holds your family together. Everyone has a role, but you make it all work. Happy Birthday! Thank you for including us in your lovely world.

  11. I can only imagine how much this filled your soul to read! And that is just what you try to do to those around you. Happy Birthday…I wish we were real life friends…but since we aren’t I so appreciate your effort to sprinkle goodness out on the web!! Your blog has been a great influence for me in my life.

  12. Happy birthday!!! Loved reading everyone’s endearing comments. Tears were shed from this mama!!! Hope you feel celebrated and had a wonderful weekend!

  13. Happy happy birthday, Shawni! This is the SWEETEST gesture – it brought serious tears to my eyes & I don’t even know any of you personally! Haha. Your writing & your photos & especially your heart have brought so much to my life as a mother – I’m truly grateful & I’m so happy your family surprised you with SUCH a lovely birthday post. I hope you’re all having the best time celebrating! xoxoxo

  14. Loved seeing your older family photos. It is like opening an old treasure chest and finding phenomenal gold coins. I didn’t cry on this post, it just melted my heart. You are so loving and so loved and you deserve it all. Keep shining your light! Wishing you all the very best on your birthday and always!

  15. Happy Birthday Shawni!!! You are AMAZING and have raised such a lovely family! I am so thankful that you give us a glimpse into your world!

  16. Happy Birthday Shawni! How fun to hear about you from those who love you most. You are a beautiful person inside and out and I have learned so much from you as I’ve followed your blog the last several years.

  17. Happy Birthday, Shawni!! I am a long time lurker since July 2014 when I found your house blog looking up “waterfall countertops”. I’m still here 5 years later.

  18. AW! I am overcome with so much gratitude for all this kindness seeping out from this post, thank you so much for all the well-wishes, means so much to me! And Dave, you are the sweetest even though this is a little on the embarrassing side! Nothing like feeling a mix of embarrassment overpowered by so much love on your birthday. Love you forever and ever.

  19. Belated Happy Birthday, and happy everyday, the best of all days we have! You do inspire with your simplicity and generosity, but steadiness too!

  20. Happy Belated Birthday Shawni!! Those are the best gifts anyone could receive…you are so loved by your family!!

  21. This I am sure was even more delightful for you to read, and with memorable pictures that convey so much. Happy happy birthday! I would say that your dear family spoke the things they love best about you! Not embarrassing at all with what they valuethe most from you. You radiate such goodness in each blog post you make. Thank you for your example!

  22. Happy Birthday Shawni! I have loved reading and watching you and your family on here, through the book Deliberate Motherhood, on a few Motherhood summits and now on Instagram.
    I hope your day was as filled with love as your life is filled with busy things.

  23. This is … LOVELY! And definitely the best thing on the Internet today!

    Happy Birthday; you are clearly loved so dearly because … you clearly love so deeply!

  24. What an awesome tribute to you! Glad it is captured for posterity 🙂

    I love how you role model thoughtful, deliberate, loving parenting. I have learned so much from your blog over the years.

    Happy belated birthday!

  25. Happy birthday to one incredible person. You deserve all these compliments, and more. Thanks for sharing your heart and your beautiful family with all of us.

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