We are in Utah for my niece’s wedding….which happens to be the very same day as my boy turns twenty-six years old. For all you young mothers out there, I’m here to say those babies will turn twenty-six in a blink!

You may think it will never happen, but they’ll go from that piggy-back:

To clinging to your legs:

…or back…

To teenagerhood:

Then they’ll pass you up in height:

And be up for crazy adventures (after some cajoling):

They’ll go to dances:

And have a senior night for volleyball that makes you just about die that they are going to graduate.

And then they DO graduate, and head off to college.

And you think you just might wither away and die when you have to let them go.

But you do.

And just when you think you can breathe again, they take off on a mission:

Then they will get married to the love of their life and have a BABY!!!

And you may find yourself pondering how all that time passed by.

Late last night and Grace and I were determined to do something special for Max in the middle of the wedding festivities.

We grabbed a bunch of sticky notes in the middle of the night, Grace texted the family to share their favorite things about that boy (those things were flooding in), and we pasted them all over his door on the sticky notes.

As I read all those things everyone loves about Max, I just got so overcome with emotion for this boy who makes others feel seen. Who is so protective of his wife and new baby. Who is the hardest worker ever. Who loves Jesus and tries to follow Him.

I am the luckiest lady in the whole wide world to get to be his mom.

Love you forever Maxwell!

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