It’s Abby’s birthday today.

This girl who has come into our family bringing so much light and goodness right along with her:

Right from the start she fit right in and we all promptly fell right in love with her.

Because she was so easy-going and down-to-earth…and filled with so much love not only for Max but for everyone else.

These pictures kind of do the talking because just look at that glow:

Here are the top ten (among countless) things I adore about Abby:

  1. She is beautiful from the inside out. You can almost see her kindness shining out don’t you think?

2. She just fit right in as an extra sister right from the very start:

3. She goes with the flow, even when everything is swirling crazy around her:

4. She is always up for an adventure, whether it is skiing in a blizzard:

…or wake-surfing for the first time when she didn’t even know any of us hardly at all:

…or traveling to a new land with her new husband…and teaching her new sister-in-law all the ropes when she comes to take over:

5. She is amazing with kids…whether it’s nieces and nephews or those classrooms filled with preschool kids in China or her little siblings or people she babysits, she just has a knack for making everyone feel special and loved.

6. She loves me and shows it in words and deed. She is the sweetest to send me a nice text in the middle of the day or write the best notes when she leaves. Plus she will call me and catch me up on life which means the whole wide world to me, especially when my son isn’t the best at filling me in on the details…ha!

7. She isn’t afraid to try new things, from crazy different food, to sleeping in a little hut next to a river filled up with hippos in Africa last summer to new hairstyles that she rocks (see above).

8. She is smart and knows how to get things done. From a budget to college classes to figuring out how to maneuver a move in the middle of a semester from a loud basement to their own little awesome house and get cheaper rent while she’s at it.

9. She loves my son. Really loves him. And he loves her right back. Through thick and thin. And that is the most beautiful thing I could ask for.

10. She knows her Savior and works to put Him in the center of her life. And it shows in all that she does.

Love you forever Abigail Jane! We’re the luckiest to have you join our crazy group, I can’t believe it’s been almost a year! Hope you have the best birthday and that Max spoils you well!


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  1. I want to have a daughter in law one day just like Abby! You are right, the kindness shines through her. You are so lucky to have the best people in your life but it also means you did the hard work to deserve it. Happy Birthday Abby!

  2. Oh this post made my heart smile! <3 So much love for your family and for our Abby. HaPpY BiRtHdAy Abby! WE LOVE YOU!

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