Ok, I’m a little late to be wishing that post title. But I did have a good excuse as you probably noticed a couple posts ago: a slight loss of my mind and a trip to Utah.

Easter weekend was nuts. It felt like everyone needed help and like they were all talking “at” me at the same time and I was trying to muddle through what everyone was saying. (Oh wait, that’s how I always feel…but this weekend was worse than usual.) Dave’s brother and his family and some of our best friends both moved on the same day and we wanted to be everywhere at once to help them. A great friend was in town visiting from California. Lucy pooped all the way down the stairs…again…right as I was on my way out the door to a photoshoot. As I drove to the photoshoot it started to sprinkle. Then to rain. Then to pour. Dave was frustrated with me because I was trying to pack in too much…again. And then, of course, I forgot about my little PR trip, had to scramble to get out the door, and suddenly Easter was over.

But guess what? Something happened to balance out the craziness. And I realized that “something” actually always happens in crazy situations if I’m still enough to recognize it. That “something” is called: magical moments. Yep, they popped out once again. And I took special note of them as they each washed away part of the stress from my heart and my mind. These are the moments:

1) Elle got up and played “Love One Another” with two of her friends on their violins at church. Sure, they weren’t completely together the whole time. Sure, it may have been my sweet daughter who didn’t play her second finger quite high enough a few times. But as I watched those three bows dance in unison to the music almost more perfectly defining the look of concentration on Elle’s face, the magic washed over me.

2) During that same church meeting, Max, who in life is currently perfecting the art of the big-brother-tease-so-much-you-often-make-your-sisters-cry, gently and sweetly put his arm around Claire. And they sat there together in that position for at least thirty seconds.

3) I read Elle’s blog. Boy it takes her forever to type that stuff (I have no idea why they don’t offer typing classes here since the computer is a pretty big deal), but I’m so thankful she does because it completely melts my heart.

4) The photo shoot turned out great despite the rain. A big huge rainbow even came out in the middle of it. I’ll post pictures soon.

These moments may seem small to you, but they were big to me. And I’m so thankful for little moments that make the chaos worth it.

On to Easter:

Every year after Easter I promise myself I will start more spiritual Easter traditions the next year. I mean, really, the Easter Bunny is dang fun, but what’s it all about? I want my kids to know.

And to be honest, I know they do. For weeks before Easter I bear my testimony to them every chance I get and tell them how thankful I am for the resurrection of our Savior. We talk about it in the car, at the grocery store, when I put them to bed. And sometimes I feel bad about that. Sometimes I feel like sharing those important things shouldn’t be so casual. But as a Mom, and a crazy one at that, I realize that there may not be a less casual time to pour my heart out to them.

I did, in an attempt to step our spirituality up a notch, stop everyone before they headed out for the Easter egg hunt on Easter morning to listen to my very favorite Easter song (by Hilary Weeks). But all that really accomplished was me bawling and my kids gazing up at me like, “what the heck is wrong with you, Mom?” But even then, I think they got it. I could tell by their wondering smiles that they felt that song too.

Still, I’m promising once again…I’m gonna start some great traditions next year. I’ll be back to report them, so I better hold myself to it.

We do have a fun tradition with the good old string-leading-to-the-Easter-basket thing. When the kids wake up they find that the Easter Bunny left them each a string that leads them EVERYWHERE around the house until they find their baskets.Max’s string in particular sure took forever to follow. But it was worth it….I think. If you call getting some egg shaped Snickers things and some jelly beans worth it. Ok, his had a watch too…

Then they were pretty darn excited about the big hunt:
The great Uncle Josh came over to join in for that:

Then it was time to get gussied up for church…and a bazillion pictures. These poor kids…
The girls:The boys:And my new very favorite:

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  1. Thank heavens for those rainbows that pop up in the downpour of life’s trials. Speaking of rainbows…Lucy’s brief classroom peek in today…priceless!

  2. Beautiful pictures Shawni!! How do you get your kids to laugh/smile so cute in their pictures? It was so great to be with you last week and see you in action. You’re such a good mama. Little Lucy was adorable with her cute dollies. Thanks again for a fun time for Caitlin (and me!). What a busy few days you’ve had. It’s time for a nap. 🙂 Darcy

  3. Shawni, my mouth just hurts from smiling so hard. Every picture is a treasure! How we love those adorable children! Lucy is growing up!!! She is gorgeous! I especially loved the one with Max looking like “the giant of the family” with his adorable sisters!

  4. Love all of the photos…and all of your outfits are so cute together! I wish I could cordinate like you!Love the book by the way! I cant wait to give one to my mom!

  5. Beautiful pictures and beautiful family, as always.

    You have such a sweet and wonderful family and I love reading your blog, it’s always inspiring, even on your frustrating days, you communicate so well.

  6. Shawni, I have to laugh because so often I look at the pictures you post and your girls are wearing clothes that I have picked out for Ava and Lyla! You have great taste. We own Claire’s Easter dress and Lucy’s monkey sleeper. So cute! Can’t wait to see you guys in only 1 month.

  7. These pictures are so amazing. So full of color and life. Your Utah trip sounds fantastic. How you guys pack so much in I will never know. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog.

  8. Congratulations on your new book! What an amazing accomplishment. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! I wish I would have gotten on your blog sooner- I would have loved to come to one of your signings while you were up here. You are so darn awesome! Thank you for your example!

  9. Shawni could your family be any more gorgeous? Seriously! Love all the pictures…
    oh and FYI I think Arizona is very pretty! I love all that cactus stuff! Be careful on those helicopter rides! I’m so nervous after Stephanie! Beautiful pictures though!

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