There is nothing like the power of a good dad.

And today, as I ponder that (along with the thoughts I shared in the last post), I am so very grateful for all the dads out there who sacrifice so much to love and build and enrich the lives of their children.

Especially this one (above) who I adore with all my heart.

Here is a tiny symbol of his fatherhood:

I know, nothing beautiful or fancy, right? But oftentimes he has to leave early in the mornings (mostly for pickleball, ha!). But this is the scene I find out on the counter on school day mornings…two sandwiches carefully made (sometimes at 5:00am), and Lucy’s shot all measured out, even with the number of the day written there on the alcohol swab.

I know it’s just a small thing, but to me it’s such a beautiful symbol of the love and care he has for his children. The father he is.

To me it symbolizes his protection, his love, his sacrifices. A tiny symbol of the endless things he does to make our family run. And to show his love and devotion.

And I am just so incredibly grateful he’s mine.

And he’s theirs.

And that he “gets” it: this beautiful thing called fatherhood.

Happy Father’s Day!

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