As Dave and I drove Lucy to the airport to head off on her grand summer adventure I mentioned that so much love filled up our car. It all began with Dave explaining to Lucy that her cane was her superpower. He tenderly reminded her that when she uses it, people know to get out of the way. And they are so much more willing to have compassion and want to help if she needs it.

Oh, to some that may just seem like a dad giving advice to his daughter. But the depth of love in that simple advice was so beautiful to me. And the way he said it so as to not have her get defensive or angry (there’s sometimes a pretty tricky balance there to be found with Lu).

Then he tied her shoes the perfect snugness, and watched her head through the security line with all the love and tenderness of a good dad.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that interaction this week.

Which leads me to think about several interactions of this guy with our children.

  • The ever-protective dad. Deeply searching to teach and provide in a way that will help them fly.
  • Running alongside bikes to help kids learn to ride them.
  • Lightening the mood when it gets tense with a joke or a dance.
  • Teaching about money management, savings and giving and spending.
  • Knowing how to bring up difficult topics in conversations without forcing.
  • He “sees” our kids and they know it.
  • Staying awake late with me to discuss our children, sometimes resulting in us both in tears of sorrow and worry. And other times with such intense and jubilant joy.
  • Knowing that giving opportunities is a beautiful thing. And that sometimes those opportunities present themselves through parental helping and lifting. And other times they come with stepping away. He has a knack for knowing, intuitively, that balance.
  • He doesn’t just do things haphazardly. He is methodical. Prayerful. A ponderer who seeks solutions from Above. And around. Seeking his own mentors so that he can better mentor our kids.
  • He makes our kids feel safe.

And I don’t know that there is a better thing a dad can do.

I took this picture of a statue on one of our travels years ago and I think about it all the time.

I wish I could have picked that thing up and brought it home with me. The beauty of fatherhood captured in stone. A reminder of the power of dads.

I love especially that father-expression. A little worried, right? But oh so much love. And those kids hanging on him? They look like they feel safe. And seen.

I love that it is carved from stone. A symbol of strength and courage.

I’m thankful for my dad and Dave’s dad who were both like this dad. Encircling their kids with love, and changing their lives and their trajectory while they’re at it. (I wrote more about my dad in my weekly email this week…if you’re not on the list be sure to subscribe!)

Thank you, Dads, for the magic of what you do that will ripple forward from generation to generation. You are making such a difference!!

Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. LOVE this! what a beautiful father with kids hanging all over him. That is so often how it feels. Love that David! Thanks for finding him. He is a treasure!

    1. Aw you’re so nice to ask. I know, I haven’t been away this long for a long time! It’s been a pretty crazy couple weeks but we’re doing well! Thanks again for checking on us!

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