I looked through pictures of my favorite dads today and got so overwhelmed with love for them, and their role as FATHERS.
Man, dads are awesome.  
Especially the one I get to live with.  
So even though it’s late and Father’s Day is quickly fading into the past, I just have to post some of my favorites real quick.

 Gotta love those baggy jeans.

 A man with a child on his hip is pretty attractive to me.

 Oh man, I love it.

 This was family scripture study through Skype from China:

 I married one good man.

 And these guys lucked out that he’s their dad.

And oh boy, Dave and I sure hit the jackpot with these two:
Dads make the world go around.  

So grateful for those around me who light up the world with goodness.

Happy Father’s Day!


  1. Max and his dad look so much alike! Also, is that a cardboard cut out in the 3 legged race? That made my morning 🙂

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