Oh man I love Halloween. All these people dressing up…I love all the creativity. I wish I were one of those cool moms who dress up. Maybe next year…

Anyway, this is my favorite picture from the festivities:
…and this one comes in second:

Lu the belly dancer was a serious grump. Is it because she’s too modest to show off her belly and her mean mom made her do it?? Honestly though how could I help it? I LOVE that belly, and really, it’s better than the first idea which was a sumo wrestler…gotta admit it. Anyway, she was in a mad mood until she got her second wind after our first round of trick-or-treating.I know it’s surprising due to her girth, but she’s not a candy eater…I don’t think she knows what it is. But she loved people-watching and all the attention she got.

Then there was Max the b-ball player. Anything to have an excuse to collect candy…TONS of candy. (This is actually his favorite outfit he begs and begs and begs to wear to school every day–minus the wig of course–and we always say no. So, he was pretty happy–and comfy.) This boy got more candy than I’ve ever seen a kid get in my life, and I’ve got to admit, I’ve seen some pretty good candy hauls.Then a toothless Amelia Bedilia:We had a great cowgirl with a teeny hat: (who also broke out with her big cold sores to help celebrate the big day)
And once again, Alice in Wonderland:We snuck in the pumpkin carving by the skin of our teeth this year. Things were crazy but I couldn’t bear to let it go. Luckily we had some friends help with the designs (thanks Katie & Holden). Oh, and some of these other pictures are Claire’s pre k party. Fun times.Ok, and let’s just pause here to check out these outfits:Seriously, I think my kids are going to grow up to be fashionistas (is that a word?) The way they coordinate those patterns…boy howdy.

Every year at Halloween I fall a little bit deeper in love with our neighborhood. We always have a potluck dinner and then take turns either taking the kids around to gather their loot or sitting around talking and eating. Love it.
This year two of the families created a serious haunted house in this trailer and the older kids LOVED scaring each other all night long in that thing.
And it wouldn’t be Halloween without Uncle Josh entertaining the kids with some electronic gadget.

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  1. You do have THE best neighborhood. I would move there in a heartbeat. I had a friend who used to live over there a couple streets from you. I loved it.

  2. Shawni!!! It’s been a while… I’m so jealous of your neighborhood. Our is the opposite. Half of the houses were dark (lots of older couples with grown kids or no kids), or they congregated in the cul-de-sacs and drank their wine while the kids could take candy from all the bowls on a long table. How lame?! It’s the kind of neighborhood where people pull into their driveways, pull into their garage, garage shuts and you never see them. I think I know the mailman better than most of my neighbors. Anyway, I will dream of your neighborhood. Please tell Wendy hello for me. So glad to see you and family are doing well! I think we’re carving pumpkins today…Yep, didn’t quite make it…

  3. Those are some good pumpkin designs! Okay love that belly and those cheeks on Lucy! The one of Lucy looking down at her pumpkin with them all lined up it too cute!
    Looks like a fun Halloween!

  4. I absolutely love how your darling little one goes hot to cold… much like my middle one. All the costumes are sweet as can be… I just love babies with bellies. Lucy is priceless!

    We are so lucky to have a neighborhood much like yours. We got barricades from the city and much to everyone’s confusion… shut down our road… (You have no idea how many people said… I have to get home though????)

    We have planned a Christmas block party as well!!!

  5. Love all your pictures they are awesome! Lucy was my favorite to watch all night with her belly. We love being your neighbor and will still be sneaking over next year!

  6. Shawni…Loved the costumes and pictures. Okay..please tell me how you did the pumkins…We did really neat pumpkin carvings this year and I was struggling to get the picture to turn out. I do have a night mode on the camera but I wanted to do it manually.
    Your Halloween looked like a great time.I would have loved to have little Lucy come trick or treat at our house….she’s too precious!
    Amelia was a great idea for a costume..loved it!

  7. Shawni…I was just thinking how great it is going to be to print out your blog from the past year for your family…..I can go back to some of your posts and feel so uplifted. You may want to get a copy for each of your kids..they’ll be begging to read it! Pictures even alone tell so many stories…

  8. Shawni, I want to take your lucy and just eat her up! I LOVE the picture of her having a fit on the floor with all the other kids just smiling away…I can relate to that girl. Can we adopt your neighborhood? I’m serious.

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