Years ago I gave in to my 10-year-old daughter Elle’s begging and together we whipped up an Alice in Wonderland dress for Halloween.

We bought some old curtains from Good Will and got to work.
Much more about that back HERE, but for now, the dress is the important part.  Because Elle wore it in all her glory that Halloween:
Then we shortened it a tad for Claire five years later:
And now here we are, a few years later when Lucy decided she just MUST be Alice in Wonderland too.  This had nothing to do with me, at first I tried to dissuade her.  It wasn’t quite the right size for her and I didn’t know how to fix that.  But that girl has got a will about her I tell you!  And we have a neighbor who is an excellent seamstress who helped cater that dress to Lucy and voila!  We got our third Alice:

Little could we know all those years ago when we whipped up that thing how much use it would get.
Darn it that Grace never got the “Alice in Wonderland” bug.
Last night we carved pumpkins for FHE.
We tried to get some big pumpkins but everyone was out of them, so we made do with two baby ones and one big one we had left over from another party.  
I’ll let the pics. tell most of the story.

 Grace had come straight from tennis for this FHE party…

 Josh and Dave were a little more into talking sports than pumpkins…

Lucy and I tried to copy an image from the Internet with braces, but this was the best we could come up with.

 She was pretty happy with it though 🙂

 We do this traditional pumpkin pic. every year.

 And yes, we are nerdy enough to add Bo this year 🙂

By this time Dave had his Turkey Trot meeting going on in the other room so we missed him, but it was a good party wrap-up.

Bring on the Halloween Hoopla.
Happy Halloween!


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