Well, it’s late afternoon on Valentine’s Day and my best-laid plans to get “part 2” of Dave and my “Love Storyfinally written up on the blog have been foiled by life getting in the way 🙂

So until I can get my act together about that, here’s Valentine’s Day so far this year:
I’m totally in love with this holiday we’re in the middle of.  
I love that it helps express love, whether you’re single or attached, young or old, we all love someone deeply.
And sometimes we forget to show it.
I love the process of the Valentine’s-box-making (at least this year 🙂 and making the Valentines for friends.  
I loved the feeling that filled up the room as we whipped up our traditional boxes. 

Definitely not the most creative, but the girls seem to think they are the coolest things ever (mailboxes) so I think this is our third year making them in a row.

I think we could most probably whip those up blindfolded by now 🙂

After all that work on Claire’s box we realized she wasn’t even having a party at school.  She still decided to take it upon herself to make valentines for each of her friends…

…complete with special notes to each:

I started feeling a little guilty looking at Instagram later and seeing all the awesomely creative things people come up with for this holiday that are so fun.

Why do we moms do that?

I wished for a split second that I would have helped Claire build something amazing.

But then I saw that sparkle in her eye that goes hand-in-hand with creating something single-handedly.  She came up with those babies all by her lonesome and I realized those cute, un-fancy home-made notes were as perfect as a Valentine could be.

I mean, she even added popsicle sticks for crying out loud 🙂

Valentine’s breakfast with our traditional pink pancakes:

I swear it was like Christmas around here since we got to break our “sugar fast” we’ve been doing for the last month.

…and because there’s something about Valentine’s Day…

Especially when your Mom and Dad happen to come on a serendipitous visit since their flight through the desert en route to NYC was cancelled.

(Check out that handsome guy over there finishing up the pancakes…)

Lu came home full of life and sparkles with her mailbox filled to the brim with love from friends.

 …which in turn filled my heart right up.

Some kids went out of their way to give her something special.

Which probably means even more to her mother than it does to her.

Thank you, sweet friends!

Now I’m off to join my real Valentine for a little date.

And to brush up on my list of “love ideas” back HERE.

Happy Valentine’s to everyone out there!


  1. happy valentines day! not related, but we're remodeling our kitchen and i'm curious if you have a source for your cabinet pulls? i know you updated your cabinets a few years ago. thanks!

  2. "Lu came home full of life and sparkles with her mailbox filled to the brim with love from friends."

    Oh, that gives me hope. A young relative of mine is having trouble socially at school due to a disability, and it's heartbreaking; he's only in kindergarten. I had reread your posts about Lucy's social difficulties just a few days ago. It's awesome that things are a bit better!

  3. These mailboxes are a really cute idea! I also love Claire`s funny expressions!
    Now that you reminded us of the still missing second part of the Love Story, I guess you picked your readers interest in it again 🙂 We are waiting 😀

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