Man alive, we made it.  It’s been one of the most full weeks ever, and also one of the best.  So many things to share and document from the Turkey Trot and Thanksgiving and Max’s visit to the temple and visitors and guests and exploding heart and everything in between.

But for today, until I can dig myself out from Thanksgiving to begin the scramble for Christmas (Claire and I found nothing but bare shelves for Christmas decor at Target on Saturday…how in the world is all this coming so dang quick!) I just have to share this beautiful video.

I watched it with my girls this morning and couldn’t help tearing up.

We haven’t been home for Christmas for two years.  Two years ago we were HERE, and last year we were HERE fresh from our China experience.  We are SO excited to have our first Christmas in our new home AT HOME all together before Max leaves.  How I hope we can keep Him at the center amidst all the hoopla.  Maybe we better watch that video every day…


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