Happy Mother’s Day to all the inspiring Mothers in my life.

I’ve meant to come log in here all day to write up my motherhood thoughts, oh boy I have a whole slew of them.  I’ve been thinking about my grandmothers, mine and Dave’s, and their grandmothers too.  And how the ripple effect of their goodness spread to my own and Dave’s mothers I adore.

(Old picture, but you get the idea.)

I’ve had so much love in my heart for mothers and motherhood.  How my mother raised me, how Dave’s raised him, and my thoughts have been heavy with gratitude.

But instead of writing about all that today I have been living it in a day packed with love notes and kindness.  AND A SKYPE CALL FROM THE BOY WHO FIRST MADE ME A MOTHER, and my cheeks are aching from smiling so hard (it was the greatest thing you can imagine and I will write more soon).

But before this day comes to a close I just have to pause and wish everyone out there a Happy Mother’s Day mixing in some of the words I’ve written in the past.

To my sisters and sister-in-laws and dear friends…I crave opportunities to soak up your examples like a sponge.

To those I come in contact with in my carpools and kids’ classes.

To the teachers who mother these children of mine for more hours than I get them in the day, and who have taught them so much good.

To those I’ve never met but I feel my heart interlaced with since they write such beautiful motherhood sentiments that lift me up.

To those library moms I see at the doctor’s offices I frequent.

To all those Moms who aren’t biological Mothers who selflessly “mother” all those around them and are some of the best at this business of “mothering” that I know.

And to Moms who are just trying their darnedest to make it through the day like the one who was standing there at an intersection yesterday holding up a sign that said “single mom. trying to survive. please help.”

Oh, especially to her.

My Aunt (herself one of those nearest and dearest Mothers I admire with all my heart) has a quote up in her house that says “Motherhood is like getting pecked to death by a duck.” And boy howdy, sometimes it is.

But the rewards it gives so far outweigh all the “pecking.”

How incredibly grateful I am for all the pecking along with all the love that makes me a mother.

And that all the “pecking” and sacrifice those mothers and grandmothers before me put up with who’s love transfers to my children and is still making a difference in the world even after they are long gone.

And because of their influence and sacrifice and LOVE I get to mother five wise souls who teach me through their courage and love and yes, sometimes their “pecking,” every single day.

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  1. Oh how sad about the Mom at the intersection asking for help. Please post about how you stopped and took her to Costco and bought much needed food and other things for her family.

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