…to all the mothers out there who doing their best.

This clip makes me cry the second the music begins (thanks so much for sending me the link, Brittany B!)

What an amazing journey this motherhood thing is.

And how incredibly grateful I am for all the motherhood examples I have surrounding me in my life…especially my amazing mother and mother-in-law.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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  1. Guess what I got for Mother's Day? Life Lessons from Mothers of Faith. My husband picked it out for me completely on his own–he said it just looked like something I would enjoy. Yay Husband! I'm so excited to read what you wrote about your mom. Hope you had a wonderful day!

  2. This was my first Mother's Day and I was so excited to take one of your amazing ideas and write a Mother's Day letter. I did my own little spin on it by just recording what happened that morning and the overwhelming feeling of love that came over me as I watched my baby boy wake up.
    I'm so grateful I came across your blog. It has given me so many ideas that I have enjoyed and can't wait to apply to mine and my family's lives. As I look back on the things I've recorded, I feel so much joy and more love and it makes me happy to know I can go to those any time and feel those feelings again. Thank you 🙂
    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. I just found your blog and read about Lucy. I'm going to buy your book – I'm excited to read it. I love that the title includes "magnificent." I am the mother of 3 special needs children (2 of them so rare most doctors will never see a case in the span of their practice), but motherhood has become magnificent to me through these trials.

    I have never been a mom who feels guilty on Mother's Day. My mom always did and I hated it – I felt like we were the cause. I instead always celebrate it as the day Heavenly Father entrusted me with one of his spirits.

    My middle child is adopted and we thought she was completely healthy until 2 months after my youngest's dx. I got the news that my 2-month-old miracle baby was missing a large part of her brain while I was alone in her hospital room. The doctor told me to never expect her to walk, talk, recognize me, etc. She received the most beautiful blessing I have ever heard from our home teachers (my husband was ill and couldn't come) and not only is she walking and talking, she taught herself to read before the age of 2.

    She is my walking testimony of Christ. Everywhere I go I tell people about her if she is with me and that leads the way to talking about miracles and faith and a precious Heavenly Father's love.

    It is very hard to have three completely different dx and we actually just got new ones for both girls (my middle is life-threatening every day) but I am so blessed to be their mother and I know I don't have to be perfect because God gave me these kids for a reason. It is so easy to compare our lives to others but in the end I am the perfect mom for these 3, just as my SIL who really is the perfect mom is for her family.

    I noticed in the comments about a Mother's Day letter – I am going to go read about that. I am a member of Mind Organization for Mom's and want to eventually join the Bloom Game and watch the webinars but money is tight. Unfortunately the specialist we need does not take insurance. Wow this is long. I am about to launch a blog for mother's of special needs kids (I don't like that term) and for all mothers that will talk about medical advocacy, school advocacy, first steps, etc., so people do not make the same mistakes I have made along the way.

    Also, I want the message to come across that we need to trust ourselves as mothers more than we put blind trust in a doctor or school official or anybody else who is not going home at night and thinking about our children. We have access to personal revelation and we can use it. Even mothers who are not members of our church, I believe, deep down know what their children need.

    Anyway, thanks for your posts, I enjoyed reading about Lucy. It is amazing what these kids can do, especially because some of them have to work harder than everyone else just by waking up and having a body that does not have as much energy.


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