I’ve been thinking lately about the divine role of nurturing (mothering).

I know Mother’s Day can be tricky for some for many reasons.

But the power of nurturing is so incredibly beautiful.

From the dab of hair gel to hold down an unruly cowlick on the boys head in front of me at church a while back…a simple, small thing, but somehow that little dab of gel triggered in my soul the deepest sense of overwhelming gratitude for motherhood.

To think of that mother wrangling all those boys up, out of bed, scooping food into hungry mouths, ironing shirts, finding belts, getting on their eye-level straightening ties, perhaps giving a little pep talk about reverence on the way out the door. And yes, not forgetting to try to tame that little unruly cowlick on the back of her oldest’s head.

To the team mom who mothered my girl at a volleyball tournament this weekend, who got our girls all lined up to wish their moms a Happy Mother’s Day in the middle of a heated volleyball tournament.

To the moms in the throws of trying to figure out how get babies to sleep through the night, those who are dealing with tattling and pushing and biting. To the moms who can’t sleep at night, hearts weighed down deep with worry about teenagers. And young adults they are trying to find the balance on mothering.

We try to shield them from the ugly, the dark, the unknown, yet we try to balance when to let up on our shields and let tough lessons be learned.

art by Caitlyn Connolley

It may not be the most glamorous, but in mothering and nurturing others, we are part of something so much bigger than ourselves.

So yes, sometimes Mother’s Day can sometimes be tricky. We sometimes measure ourselves by how our children are doing. We may be yearning for children of our own. We may feel deflated that we are doing it all wrong.

But I hope we can remember that we are, as our young women motto in our church says, “beloved daughter(s) of heavenly parents, with a divine nature and eternal destiny.” Even when it’s dark and we may not see the way out. Even when we are tired and we can’t keep our eyes open. Even when things seem lost. We all have a divine light within us. And even though sometimes it may not feel like it, our children are carrying forth that light.

ANd that is a beautiful thing.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day Mrs. Pothier! I’m not a mother yet, but I look up to you. I look up to every mother of all forms. My grandmother became widowed at 48, she raised 9 daughters and 2 sons as a widower. My mother is the oldest so she supported my grandmother to raise her siblings even after became a mother of her own. You all deserve not only to be celebrated today but every single day! I love how the saying goes, “Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother” <3

      1. Hi Molly! You’re welcome, stories of love, hope & faith is what the world needs now. I hope you & your family are safe & healthy. I love how we can connect through this blog (thank you, Mrs. Pothier!). Sending love from the Philippines! 💛❤️💙

    1. Thank you for these thoughts, Shaira. I love to hear stories of mothering in every form. It sounds like your grandmother and mother are pretty powerful examples of the power of a mother! I love this quote my friend shared: “There is no influence so powerful as that of the mother.” –Sara Hale

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