Happy Mother’s Day.

To all those who mother and lift and build and create and LOVE those around them.

I’m so very grateful for all the mothers who have influenced my life for good.


  1. Beautiful – thank you! And happy mother's day to you! Thanks for all of the encouragement and wisdom you pass along to other mothers. You have made such a wonderful impact in my life – therefore my family's life!

  2. Hi, this is completely unrelated question, but I was browsing through your posts about India from 2012 and I was wondering if you and Dave were going to do a similar trip (not necessarily to India) with Grace, Claire and Lucy?

    1. Didn’t they just do that at Christmas? And Mexico a few Christmas’s ago? And another quick charity vacation while in China?

    2. And? So what if they've done these trips numerous times; what's it to you? Why does it matter to you? I've noticed you're so quick to judge Shawni and her family based on pictures that represent a millisecond of their lives. Despite all that they've shared with us, we still don't know them. Your comments always come across as judgmental and critical because you don't agree with Shawni's parenting and/or wouldn't do things the way she does. Give it a rest already.

    3. I notice people see my name and are quick to assume I’m judging her or being critical. Not judging her actually. The above poster made it sound like she was forgetting the other three girls and service trips. She clearly hasn’t. Some of those trips didn’t have the older two kids. She seems to take whoever is old enough and home and whatever time of year the project is available. I simply listed the trips that happened since India that I could remember.

    4. I read Riina’s post as a simple question about a potential trip with her kids, whereas your reply to her comment came across with a “Why do they need another trip? They’ve already done several already!” tone. But, that’s the problem with public forums on the internet: you can’t tell someone’s tone in a comment and sometimes you read it in an opposite way it was intended.

    5. Hi, I'm aware that the thee other girls have been on several trip with their parent's and older siblings, but I was siply wondering, if they would be doing anything spesific with the three younger kinds without Max and Elle. I think there is a difference with going as a family and going with these spesific kids to do what ever Shawni and Dave sought after in India with Max and Elle. And I had a vague memory that they'd said that they would do a similar trip with each kiddo. But it might be that like you KMS said, that they consider one of the trips they have taken "as their India".

    6. Good question, this is something we've discussed a lot. Ideally we would love to take the younger girls on a similar trip to the India one. That's always been our plan since we love the idea of having more one-on-one (or in this case, two-by-two) time. But man, life keeps shifting! We were looking into options for a trip like this last summer but then Grace got her awesome Chinese internship opportunity. And this summer the HEFY opportunity became available. Also, Grace and Claire's age span is so much larger than Max and Elle's 14 months, and we want both to be old enough (at least high school age) to really internalize a trip like that.

      So, long story short, we would love to make that happen, just waiting for the stars to align in the right way! In the meantime, kms is right, they've had some great opportunities and we're so grateful for that!

  3. Max and Elle have been gone though with mission and college. The later trips didn’t include the older ones. Honestly I can’t see her leaving out an older child or even their spouse. She was upset a little missing out on her immediate family’s adventures after she got married and had little ones.

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