My family just drove off to our annual Thanksgiving morning tradition: The Turkey Trot. We LOVE heading out each Thanksgiving and running hard with the kids before we settle down for all the turkey and mashed potatoes. Over the last five years it’s become an important part of Thanksgiving over here. (I’m acting like I can totally run, which I can’t…I’m horrible. I want to start crawling and huffing puffing the second I start running. But something about the Turkey Trot and running with my kids gets me going…even if I cheat a little on the whole 10-K thing…)

The only problem this year is that Lucy and I are still here at home. Lucy, who’s body seems to be a natural harbor for skin rashes of all sorts and sizes, broke out in “roseola” last night (a rash all over her body with a temperature). So she’s slumbering sweetly upstairs and I’m gearing up to do my regular old P90X, and then make pies. Darn it. It’s funny how attached you get to a tradition…or is that just me?

I had one more thankful post I wrote a while ago that I haven’t posted yet so here it is to cheer me up a little bit:

I’m thankful for Lucy’s eyelashes.

And for those blue eyes that can still see so well as of her doctor appointment last week.

I’m grateful for Grace’s persistence (even if it drives me completely NUTS sometimes)…she’s gonna go places in life with that iron will of hers…if I can only figure out how to gently groom it a little…

I’m grateful that these girls are best friends. (I have to remember this since they’ve been driving me bonkers by fighting so much lately.) I love that most of the time they are each others’ heroes and they can’t get enough of making up dances and plays together. They always include Lucy like she’s just one of the big girls. They are her biggest teachers and fans. I’m NOT a big fan, however, of how they hug her so tight and get in her face SO much that they make her scream her guts out lately on a continual basis…but I digress…

I am so incredibly grateful that it looks like Claire is growing out of her continual urinary tract infections. I know, too much information for many, but seriously, this has been such a huge battle and Dave and I couldn’t be happier that it looks like things are getting better.

Poor girl has been such a good sport through it all.

I’m so thankful for Lu’s crib tent (thanks Ashby!). She is so happy in there. She likes to sleep with her books and will just sit in there quietly and read away in the mornings until we come get her.I’m thankful that Elle sees what needs to be done and does it.
I am thankful for how Max puts up with all his sisters (most of the time) and how he’s such a good example of doing hard things right now since he worked so hard trying out for the basketball team last week. Sadly, he didn’t make it, but I’m so proud of him for trying something that was really hard. He sure learned a lot.

I’m grateful that in between teasing his sisters he just goes about and does his homework and practicing and empties the trash without complaining (most of the time). Love this boy.

I’m grateful:
-that I have a husband I can discuss the world with and who gets me
-for our country
-for the smell of newborn babies and the feel of their tiny bodies in my arms or breathing gently in my ear. And that I got to have five of them.
-for nice neighbors
-for children who forgive me easily when I overreact and rant and rave about things
-for unconditional love
-that I get to travel
-for my dear friends who have been there for me through pep club tryouts and to accompany me on dates so they didn’t count as “dates” before I was 16, to sharing roommate trips to Lake Powell and California and doing pranks in college to having boyfriends and husbands and babies and parenting issues
-for the wonderful teachers my kids have at school who go out of their way to help us bring up our children in knowledge
-for the way Lucy says “oh day” instead of “ok” and nods her head a bunch up and down when she says it
-for the breathtaking beauty of the world
-that Claire taught FHE the other night about the Pilgrims and for the look of glee on her face while she was doing it
-for the power of the Atonement
-…and the amazing Plan of Salvation
-that I have sisters who are my best friends
-that I have brothers who are my best friends too
-for a husband who’s my very best friend
-for parents who continue to amaze me and support me every day
-for my Dad’s epiphany about “Love More”
-for trials that make me stronger
-that we have insurance
-that there is such thing as Thai food in our world
-for a loving Father in Heaven I feel even closer to in my struggles
-that my dear mother-in-law is hosting us for Thanksgiving today even when she’s the one who’s visiting from out of town…she’s amazing

I could go on and on forever but for now, I must run.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Shawni! Beautiful post. I was welling up for sure. So glad that Claire is growing out of the UTI's. Those sound so painful. Sorry you missed the traditional run this morning. All the pics are gorgeous!

  2. Heard all of our girls met up for the turkey trot! We really need to get Charlotte out there with Claire next year. Hope Lucy is feeling better! xoxo

  3. Oh man Shawni..bummer about your turkey trot! I get attached to traditions too. Hope little Lucy is feeling better and you guys had a great Thanksgiving! I loved your thankful list too….

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Shawni! Love all your pictures and all of your "gratefulness." It was fun seeing your name on my caller id. 🙂 Hope you guys are doing well! Darcy Ure

  5. We're trying to find things to help Clark with his sleep issues as part of Sensory Processing Disorder. We are looking into a crib tent, but have read lots of reviews that they're flimsy. What's your experience with Lucy, was she easy on it, or did she ever try to climb out? Let me know k? Thanks Shawni,

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