For Valentine’s Day, I bring to you:
…cheesiness from the Balboa Pier (not candid…ha!)
(That pose was Dave’s idea I have to go ahead and say, but hey, sweetness right there in that man…who is only cheesy because he knows I love that cheesiness…that’s true love 🙂
We had a fancy pink-pancake breakfast this morning with our children…and we sure adore those kids of ours.  But man, that handsome smiling guy up there is my number one.
And I’m working to show him that today.  I was going to take him on a sunset hike and picnic but it looks like it’s going to rain, dang it, so I’m figuring out plan “B.”
I’ve been thinking more about this “deliberate wife-hood” I wrote about back HERE as I’ve thought about Valentine’s Day.  I loved the comments there and have taken many of them to heart…and into action.  I’m going to re-quote one of the comments I loved…love the perspective from someone still looking for that “valentine” spouse:

Hi Shawni, thank you for letting singles like myself a chance to have a say as well.

My thoughts/ideas aren’t so much on the relationship, but how to keep the marriage alive etc.

Never take your husband for granted. There are many single women like myself who would give anything for someone special in their life. Coming home to an empty house every day is very hard.

Display recent & older pix of of yourself as a couple around the house, not just a wedding picture.

On your desk at work, on in the house, display a picture of your husband. So many people only display a picture of their children.

Write special notes to each other & always keep them. These things are precious.

Do special things for him at Christmas time etc. I sometimes find that some wives only buy pressies for their children & don’t bother with their husband. He’s important too.

Have a 3 way prayer. (As suggested by Shawni’s Mum & Dad) They start off by holding hands & one starts the prayer, then the other squeezes his/her hand & says what they want. The hand squeezing & prayers can go on until each has said what they want to. This makes it a 3 way prayer – husband, wife & Heavenly Father. (My best friend has tried this & it really does work)

Express how you feel rather than attacking the other person. Like, “I feel annoyed when you keep leaving the loo seat up”.

Every month on the date that you married, say Dec 1st, have a mini wedding anniversary. A special meal, card/note etc.

Finally, again, never take that special person for granted. Be grateful that you have someone to go on holiday with, someone to share Christmas & birthdays with etc. The list could go on & on.

When I do find someone special – I’m trying to be positive – I will treasure my husband & will thank Heavenly Father for him every single day.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I LOVE the advice my wise friend gave at a wedding shower:  “You’ll find what you’re looking for.”  
If we’re looking for the things that bug us, we’ll find them.  If we’re looking for the things that we fell in love with…and that we can build…we’ll find those.  And that’s what’s going to bring so much more happiness.
I’m off to text some nice things to my main valentine, and like that commenter advised, never take that guy I get to be married to for granted.  What a great day to show him he’s my number one.
Happy Love Day!


  1. Hi Shawni,
    Happy Valentine's Day. Have a lovely day. x

    Thank you for posting my comments on the post on marriage, you truly have made my day.

    I hope I was able to help someone with my comments & ideas.

    Thank you for your great blog.

    1. Thank you for sharing your perspective and wisdom! I won’t take my husband for granted and I’ll make more effort to show him that. Your comment is in my heart today so thank you for inspiring me to make a better Valentine’s Day for those around me ❤️

  2. Hey!! I love all your posts including this one!
    Just a random question, I remember you posted long time ago that you were diagnosed with Hashimotos. Are you feeling better? Can you share some tips? Thanks!!

    1. Hey Andrea! Yes I have Hashimotos. I'm fine and the medication seems to help as long as I really take care of my sleep. If I go a few nights without much sleep though I can't handle things as well as I used to. Grateful my levels seem to have evened out, and I'd love to help if that's something you're struggling with?

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