This year the cheerleaders at our high school instigated a new dance as a fund raiser.

And my friend was one of the masterminds behind the whole idea.  She had everyone put a shortened version of this video she made on social media to get the word out:

(Yes, another good use of social media!:)
It was a girls’ choice dance…which is right back to back with Winter Formal which is also girls’ choice, but it was a simple one and I think a lot of kids were excited about it (Grace asked a kid to this one one night, and then someone else to Winter Formal the night after…funny).  What made it simple was that everyone just asked with a white rose, and everyone just wore a black dress. 

I was gone with Claire who had sports games all day long that Saturday while Dave was in China, and Grace and her friends got all gussied up until I could meet them to take pictures.

 The girls:

The guys:

Grace and her cute date:

And all the other couples…

It was a fun night.

Now on to Winter Formal…


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