I got to be the one to record the Come Follow Me devotional that airs today, Christmas Eve. (You can find it in the Come Follow Me Foundation app, which if you don’t have yet, I can promise it would be a good addition to your collection.)

I showed this painting as part of my devotional:

artist: Ellie Wilson

And although I have shared it on this blog before, I wanted to share again.

Because it’s so beautiful.

I love thinking about that night all those years ago, the shepherds in the fields, that sacred feeling surely filling up the air. That tiny baby born in a lowly stable.

He came not just for the ancient Israelites like we’ve been studying in the Old Testament this year, but he came to deliver US.

Me and you.

May we take a quiet moment today to ponder how that giant star must have looked hanging in the sky heralding in the birth of that tiny baby in the manger over 2,000 years ago.

THAT is why this day is filled with such joyful anticipation.

Not the presents or the hustle-bustle. Not the lights that glow or the matching Christmas pajamas.

It’s all about that Christ-child.

King of Kings.

Lord of Lords.

The Prince of Peace.

May we find a still moment to find Him this Christmas.

“How silently, How silently the wondrous gift is given,
…where meek souls will receive him still, The Dear Christ Enters in”

May we let Him “enter in” to our lives as we soften our hearts and turn to Him.

He came not only that evening in that little stable, but he continues to come when we seek Him.

Hope this little devotional will help.

Also, if you’re looking for something beautiful to watch with your family on the eve of Christmas, I’m reposting this video I shared the other day because I don’t want anyone to miss out:

And also this one my friend who studied art history put together She collected a myriad of depictions of “madonna and child” of all different mediums and from all different cultures and time periods and set them to one of my very favorite Christmas songs by Michelle Moyer (who used to live by us and who is so talented!).

When I watched this the first time I sat there in tears, overcome with the beauty.

So I asked if I could share it here and she kindly obliged (thank you Shelly!).

I figured it would be the perfect little gift this Christmas Eve. Turn up the music and enjoy.



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