And then, after the darkness and the suffering, the anguish and the pain, the ashes….

…came the beauty.

The stone was rolled back. He was not there.

The tomb was empty. Jesus lived again.

Jorge Coco

And He LIVES again.

Because of that, we can all start again.

Quote from Richard Rohr

This quote from Richard Rohr’s Easter devotional made me tear up last night:

Easter reveals that there are no dead ends; ultimately, nothing is going to end in tragedy and crucifixion. Of course we look around us, at history and at life in its daily moments and it seems, “No, no, that isn’t true.” And yet, ever and again, here and there, more than we suspect, new life breaks through for those who are willing to see and to cooperate with this universal mystery of resurrection...

What the resurrection reveals more than anything else is that love is stronger than death. Jesus walks the way of death with love, and what it becomes is not death but life.

Richard Rohr

An Easter Video

I love this video (linked below) I watched with Lucy the other day. I could hardly read the words to Lucy as they appeared on the screen, they made me so emotional. (Yes, there’s a theme here, I’m a little teary when it comes to things like this):

Starting today…

We can restart.


Relook. At our lives. At our world.

Starting today, we can repair, repent, reconcile…

One time.

Seven times.

Seventy-times seven times.

We can reevaluate. We can reassess. Reexamine. Everything in life.

Starting today. Because of how one day started 2,000 years ago.

He left the tomb behind.

We can leave our past behind.

If we hear Him, love Him, follow Him.

His teachings can reshape us.

His redemption can rescue us.

His resurrection can reunite us.

His love can renew us.

Starting today,

How can He change your life?

Today part of our family Easter plan is to find some quiet spots to ponder how we can let Him change our lives.

How can we let Him in more readily?

How can we “hearken” and Hear Him more often and more fully?

It’s up to us.

Starting today.

An Easter Painting

Years ago my brother Noah introduced this painting to me:

The Disciples Peter & John By Eugene Burnand

He explained, through tears, that it is Peter and John running with all their might to see the empty tomb. Or are they running away from it filled with such astonished awe ready to tell the world “HE IS RISEN!”

Oh, how I hope that I will live my life in such a way that I will be ready to RUN to Jesus as they are, or to proclaim His goodness in any way I can. Filled with that much hope and focus.

Happy Easter!

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  1. Good question! And Covid sure does put things in perspective! She and Carson are trying to figure out what to do because they do want to have family there. Elle has a new job with no vacation days yet, and Carson is so buried in school they can’t figure out a time to get to the West coast to make it work. But we’re excited for when that day will come! Their anniversary is coming up this week, I can’t believe it’s been a year!

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