This morning, with thoughts churning in my mind about how to make the Sabbath a beautiful day as a family (churches closed due to corona), it was a gift to find this in my in-box shared from my family:

Brought tears to my eyes and led to a good discussion between Dave and me as to how to go forward, personally renewing how we “hear Him” more vibrantly in our own lives as we turn off so many distractions and are drawn to remember what’s most important.

Oh how we need that guidance in our families and our lives right now, so grateful to know He is there.

Would love those who have good Sunday ideas to share them here, so much to learn from each other!

Sending out love this Sunday.

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  1. We watched the newest Book of Mormon video about King Benjamin’s sermon. It was amazing! Like the best Sacrament Meeting talk ever. 🙂

  2. We talked about how to be good missionaries and how we can keep our testimonies strong when they are challenged (drawing from Jacob 5-7). We watched the BofM video about Jacob and Sherem and then wrote letters and drew pictures for our nephew who is on a mission. It really was a unique experience and brought a special spirit into our home.

  3. I loved having church at home. It was wonderful to feel the Spirit of the Lord strongly as we were all together, taking Sacrament and singing. We sang a lot of hymns and shared some words from Moroni 6. After our home Sacrament service we split into two small groups–an adult scripture discussion, and a Primary meeting taught by my teenage girls for my young son. I think we’ll be rotating the responsibilities for preparation through everyone in the coning weeks. This morning I heard my daughter practicing hymns on the piano, something I have rarely heard. I am enjoying the unity and peace this new circumstance is bringing into our family.

  4. We sang a couple of hymns and listened to an episode of the Joseph Smith podcast. We also discussed the Come Follow Me lesson. When our college-age girls come home, we’ll include them in the planning and participation. It will definitely be a sweet memory among the challenges we are facing today.

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