For FHE this week we did our traditional home-heart-attack.We took the job very seriously.
(Lucy claims she works better with her shirt off.)
Yes, very serious.
We had to add in a little Just Dance 2 on the side, because hey, we gotta have some fun in with all that seriousness.
These kids were cracking Dave and I up…have I mentioned how much I love Just Dance 2??

Apparently Lucy dances better without her shirt on too…

(These little girls all just came from gymnastics…they don’t usually wear leotards to FHE.)

Then we read each heart as we stuck them up on the walls as each child glowed with delight when we announced what everyone else loves about them.

(And as a side note…I am trying to be “present” with my family right now so please forgive me for posting these somehow-blurry-in-the-transfer-from-Lightroom-to-blog pictures….you get the idea, right?)I have to agree, Elle, I love our family too.

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  1. This is such a fabulous idea. Love it. I am also a HUGE fan of Just Dance 2! Have you tried "The Michael Jackson Experience" on Wii? It's super fun too!

  2. Love seeing the pics of your adorable kiddos!!!
    Please tell me how you have your cooktop vented… I love your kitchen and am in desperate need to redo mine…. currently cooking on hot plates… I have an old jenn air that died.. We have upstairs so I am in a predicament!!!

  3. This is the cutest thing ever and I'm going to shamelessly borrow it today.
    I'm lucky enought to be bundled up inside the house on our second day of school closure due to weather conditions. I think it was -7 degrees yesterday and today we have a high of 0 degrees.
    0 degrees?
    Whoo Hooo! Time to break out the shorts and flip flops.

  4. i Just found your Blog and LOVE IT. I saw you speak in Spokane at a time out for women and should have known you would have a blog. You are very inspirational to me. Thanks for all you do.

  5. What a fun idea! Last night at the dinner table we all shared 3 things that we love about one another, it was nice to hear how the kids care for one another.

  6. We just started ours on the door. So glad to hear about this last year from one of your readers. I think every family should do this. The Just Dance 2 is played everyday at our house too, even my husband loves it. Great photos.

  7. The 71 Toes "heart attack" requires no medicine or surgical procedure! …no shots or scars or overnight stays in a hospital. But, it will change your life. Great idea! Thank you.

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