Yesterday Elle joined us up at the lake. 

We are all pretty excited to be reunited.
Remember when we went to visit Max six weeks into college life back HERE?  Well, it’s kind of that same feeling of jubilation and excitement for all of us up here at the lake as the reunion gets into full swing.  There’s just something about having more of your family back together again that makes a mother’s heart swell.
…and sister’s hearts are certainly swelling too 🙂
It’s just so fun to hear more about all her adventures and classes and new friends in person and get little snippets of what she’s learning in classes and how her mind is filling up with so many new ideas and thoughts.
One of her summer school classes is a communication class.  She read me the syllabus on our drive to settle her into her dorm (back HERE) and it fascinated me.  Oh man, I need to go back and take college classes some time…so much to learn!
Right now they are doing a social media interactivity study and she and her roommate (who are in the same class and who also happens to be my niece…love you McKenna!), are in a contest to see who can create the most activity.  The assignment is to take a picture and alter it…something that everyone relates to…then try to create interest and get the most interactivity in the class.  
So I’m posting here on the blog to help her out.  
Here’s the picture they chose:

Everyone relates to good food, right?   
So here’s the deal: in order to help her out, well, you already did by reading this.  Haha.  
But leave a comment for her if you want to help more…the more views and comments the better for the contest.  
She’s posting it on her accounts as well (instagram, snapchat, etc.), but if anyone out there is a guru at social media interactivity give her a shout and let her know if you have any other ideas to get the most activity before tomorrow evening.  Kind of an interesting little contest I think.
College rocks.
Happy Friday!

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  1. Elle, good job! I am now craving a good burger. Guess I'll hit In and Out when I'm in SLC next time. It's amazing how foods we love can affect our moods, bring comfort, bring back memories. Sadly, I think we often have more food, or unhealthy food too often because of the memories or because of the memories we hope to create.

  2. I'm from Ohio but love In N Out – and fry sauce 🙂
    I just finished my second semester at BYUI online so yes it is so much fun learning new and wonderful things.
    If anyone is on Facebook that might get a lot of shares if you ask. Just an idea 🙂

  3. No in and out anywhere near me here in texas, but just had one last week while in vegas and it was like heaven!!! i think this photo will create a lot of interactivity!

  4. So I will be the odd one here. I don't want to hurt any feelings, but speaking honestly, when I saw that was, "Really? I wouldn't be in a good mood if I ate it." I am learning how my body responds better to fresh fruits and veggies and a more paleo eating plan. Good luck on the assignment though. I suppose it goes to show that the activity an image can generate can be more positive for some than others.

    1. That was exactly what I was thinking. I would choose a more universal food… And preferably a healthy one because the truth is you feel good while eating it maybe but horrible after… I don't like to see our youth make such poor food choices.

    2. I had the same thought.
      I'm not into any special vegan diet or something fancy like that. But burgers and fries?
      That's lame and far away from feel good food.

      I know the assignment is to get attention. And she will get an extra amount of attention because of her mother.I'm not quite sure if mommy's helping with the homework is what you usually do, when you are in college.

  5. To me, this represents getting that special treat when I was a kid. We don't have this burger place in Canada but I have visited when in the States.

    In response to Michelle, I don't know if I would feel physically great consuming that, but the idea behind it does make me feel emotionally good.

    1. Agreed. However you look at it, food is emotional to a lot of people. When I think of In n Out I miss my close friend who lives in Folsom.

  6. Cool photo, Elle! I've never had In and Out…I'm from Virginia! BUT…is that animal style?? The name sounds so mysterious and I've heard that's the way to go. Have so much fun in Hawaii!!!!!

  7. What I love about the image is that there are 2 burgers and a shared fry, which assumes a fun meal with someone you care about! Food with a friend is always the best! Good luck:)

  8. Thoughts I have when I see this photo: 1) Yummy! 2) I want to go on a date with my husband to In n Out, 3) food really does cheer me up, and 4) I want an ice cream cone now. 🙂

  9. Yummy!! Our family loves In & Out. Sad to say (or maybe not) we ate there TWICE last week (yep, that is right… twice) We had baseball games all week. PB&J picnic lunches only go so far. Nice job with the picture Elle!!

  10. I work in Social Media and the tips I have are:

    1. Use hashtags (trending ones are best as long as they're loosely relevant to the pic). If you don't want to crowd your original copy, add them in a comment; they'll still get picked up. (#hungry #hangry #friday #friyay #friyaay #(fry emoji) #(hamburger emoji) #(heart eyes emoji) #canigetanamen #whoshungry #(woman raising hand emoji), etc.) Have fun with your emoji storytelling!

    2. Tag @innout in the actual photo just like you would a person, but also @ mention them in a comment telling them what you're trying to do. They might even help you out! 😉

    Hope this is helpful!
    @kelliagnich ��

    1. P.S. 3. Ask a question. This will pull people out who might not normally comment.

      -What's your go-to In-N-Out order?
      -Animal-style, Protein-style, or both?
      -Tag the person you last ate In-N-Out with
      -How far is the closest In-N-Out from your house?(since some people wear this as a badge of honor ;))
      -Have you ever ordered from the In-N-Out Secret Menu?

  11. I didn't have In-N-Out for 5 years, until today. Today, we had it as an office lunch for a farewell. I was converted again, till my husband I had it again for dinner tonight. Overload!!! It might be another 5 years till I have it again.

  12. Good luck Elle– I personally do not do Facebook-Twitter-Snappychat— as I believe these are materialistic items that can rob a human of one's soul and bliss. Just my opinion. I do choose however to read these beautiful and life -positive posts — just feels good to view " positive" in this world. Be Well.

  13. I have never had the opportunity to eat at In and Out Burgers…..I actually don't eat much red meat…..but this actually looks tempting!!! Good Luck Elle!!!!!

  14. I have an almost identical picture from our California vacation last month. Something about those burgers that makes a person want to post! What else can we do to help?

  15. We don't have In and Out where I live (Victoria, Australia). We have a chain called Grill'd. You should check it out on line. Great food and mood. Employs a lot of young, local people too.

  16. This picture reminds me of throwing up in and out during a recent pregnancy so unfortunately looks gross but on the bright side I still love a good in and out shake. Chocolate strawberry mixed please. Good luck Elle.

  17. When I ask my little kids (8, 4, and 3) where they want to eat on our occasional nights out as a family they pick In N Out hands down every single time! And they always ask for a chocolate shake!

  18. Hi Elle in order to get a looooot of views, use a #hashtag that is super popular at the moment! maybe even something political…
    Best of luck!

  19. Shout out to Elle (and McKenna)!!! My husband is in a BYU ward bishopric and I tagged along to the talent show. I had a celebrity sighting moment when I saw that Elle was in his ward!! I was so excited, but realized that even though I feel like I know her, she would just see a crazy, star-struck, middle-aged woman. So I maintained my dignity (and my husband's) and played it cool. I planned to say "Hi", but they ended up leaving before I caught them. So Brother Rutter's wife is a fan! Good luck with this assignment and with the rest of summer at BYU!

    1. So sweet…thanks for saying hi!

      Thanks for all these great comments…the ones that love in and out and the ones that don't too…great insight for how social media works.

  20. This comment may well help, just because I commented. But I want to say that again, Elle should have written this post herself, a "guest" post. Just as she should have written the post about her internship. Just as she should have filled out her college applications by herself. You are doing her no favors by doing everything for her.

    Maybe if she stopped the constant globetrotting and stayed in one place for a week or two she would have time to do things like this herself.

    1. Dear Maria, Good suggestions. My suggestion to you, (and I truly mean it with love and respect), would be to lighten up and let the sunshine in! There's so much of it in this world and it seems silly to waste it reading someone's blog you don't agree with and who makes you angry.

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