Here’s Max holding his report that I got 110 percent on. Yep, I pretty much did the whole thing because after I finished helping him get started he forgot about it and went to bed the last night before it was due (which happened to be Mother’s Day)…so I stayed up ’til midnight to finish it. I’m so mad I didn’t just let him learn from forgetting and getting a bad grade but I just couldn’t do it!!

I’m also uploading a picture of Claire’s Joy School end of the year swim party

and her cute little dance carpool (her recital is this week),

and Noah and Kristi’s visit last week (we loved it),

and of course, I can’t resist posting one more of Lucy.

It’s hot here in Arizona, so we did a few summer haircuts yesterday before church. Gracie finally wore me down after so much begging for a shorter haircut (and after so much bawling when I try to brush the snarls out of her long hair). So I chopped off her gorgeous naturally highlighted locks. So sad but she still looks pretty darn cute I must admit. Max decided to go the buzz route again. Claire & Elle just got trims.

The kids made a banner all by themselves for Dave to welcome him home from his China ordeal. Yes, it was bright outside…look at their faces.

Ok, I have no idea how to get these pictures organized…I’m trying to put them by what I write about them but they’re all mixed up.

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