Normally I wouldn’t take a whole blog post to write about football season, but seriously, I have no choice in the matter when there is as much hoopla surrounding it as there is 😉

We missed football season last year.

We missed all the hoopla of the school mascot skydiving into the middle of the field at one game, the crazy crowds, Homecoming, etc.  We weren’t here, but we sure knew a lot of details from every form of social media.

So I think it feels extra exciting for these kids that they are here for all the hoopla.  And the fact that Grace gets to join in too?  Extra bonus.

It’s extra fun for her that she knows so many of the seniors who are friends with Elle.

There is some serious school spirit going on which makes it so fun.  The kids were SO pumped up about the first game of the season.  I stole these pictures from Elle’s phone after the first pep rally.

Grace cheers at the freshman games which are on Wednesdays, so she’s free to get into the crazy school spirit with friends for the varsity games.

I mentioned in another post that Dave and I took Claire and Lucy on a little date to the first game of the season (to check it out and to spy on our girls 🙂  Ha!

The dress-code-call was all black and the students didn’t disappoint.

It was fun to see Grace in the program.

Max HAD to come to that one and only game he was going to be in town for, despite the fact that he just got his wisdom teeth out that morning.

The next game was “everyone wear green” in honor of a family who just lost their Dad.  From what I understand, green was his favorite color.

 They got crazy into it once again.

And since we have a college boy, we better sure as heck talk about college football for a minute because how about those last two games?  I think Max being in college and those couple awesome plays are going to turn me into a college football fan after all 🙂

Max camped out with a whole slew of friends for two nights to get great seats at the first home game.  A blog reader sent this little snippet of them camping out: (in the video at the very beginning)

Thanks V!

And then another friend sent this picture of our kids when she caught them in the audience on ESPN:

White face paint and all 🙂

Thanks Brigitta!  I LOVE that my boy is hanging out with so many of my college friends’ kids.  It’s kinda crazy!

Win or lose, it’s shaping up to be a good football season all the way around.  

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  1. I was at the BYU vs BYU football game and I saw Max on the jumbo tron. He sure looked like he was adapting well to college life–all smi!es!

    1. I think it's more of a preference for some. We are counseled to remain modest because eventually we get garments and they don't extend past the knee. I personally don't agree with short shorts but everyone has their own opinion

    2. As Jessica said, as Mormons we are counseled to be modest. We are also counseled to use our free agency to make good decisions. Dave and I both think those shorts our girls are wearing are too short and we've told them that (over and over). Just waiting for them (very patiently) to climb on board 🙂 Parenting sure is a balancing act! It's so hard to know when to "rule with an iron fist" and when to back off and let kids figure things out themselves. We've done both. We've had both ways end up as valiant "wins" and also miserable fails, but we're all learning along the way. My favorite post ever on this is over here:

    3. Thanks for your explanation, and especially insight Shawni. I haven't hit raising teens just yet, and am bookmarking that article to refer back to! I think you have a wonderful family.

  2. I remember when my daughter was up at BYU, any sighting and information was a welcomed highlight in my day. As to the comments on the shorts, he who is without sin let him cast the first stone. Or as Elder Uchtdorf stated: don't judge me because I sin differently than you. Lighten up folks.

  3. As much as I enjoy your blog, I am surprised that your children let you post so many pictures of them. My sons would be creeped out that so many random people recognize them.

    1. I can see how it might be weird or creepy if weird or creepy people came and talked to us, but people who recognize us and come to talk to us about it are so very kind I think the kids actually kind of enjoy it. Max has met quite a few new people up at BYU through the blog which is kind of fun for him (thanks for being so nice, dear readers!!)

  4. Your kids are such happy people! What a bunch of sad weird folk commenting on 'short' shorts – at a sporting event! Even sadder – that as their wonderful mum you're being apologetic!

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