It was Homecoming spirit week last week. 

Grace is loving being a senior as well as in student council to be able to help rally the troops to get into the spirit of stuff like this because hey, it is FUN.  I think the senior class took dressing up each day to a new level this year and I was pretty happy that Grace was so good at sending pictures every day on our family text chain (Lucy and I missed a bunch of it since we were off at science camp).

This is how those days rolled out:
“Millionaire Monday:”

“90’s Tuesday:”

Not sure what really constitutes as “90’s” but I love some of these get-ups that reminded me of MY high school days and early marriage…they need some more overalls represented there…:).

Oh, those were the good old days!!

The freshmen got in the spirit of it as well…but not as much and I only got a few pictures…

Meanwhile Grace and the student council sure worked hard on decorations for the upcoming dance.

This was the first year they let them have the dance in the gym (the school invested in a big protective thing for the gym floor to make that possible) so it was a LOT of space to decorate!

“Workout Wednesday”

 “Thursday to the Future”

 (I guess dressing up how they’ll look in the future?…wow there were some good get-ups there!)

Lots of work in the front hall from student council as well as in the gym:

On Friday they had a huge pep-rally on the football field.  Grace said it was hot as hazes but it was SO fun.

(I think Friday was just “spirit day”…hence the teal under Grace’s eyes below.)

Their “skate club” got represented in the Homecoming parade:

 They worked their tails off to continue to get that gym ready:

 And last but not least: the Homecoming football game.

Came away with a win and now we’re 6-0.

Yes, high school sure is fun.  I hate having seniors because it means they’re leaving, but man, I loving having them too!  Gotta hold on with all my might! 🙂


  1. Hi Shawni,

    Thanks so much for sharing your families adventures- those girls sure look like they're having fun!

    May I please just make one point, which may just be a lost in translation moment?
    In the country where I live (the U.K.) and in many others, the hand gesture being made by Clare in the photo of her and Grace is considered to be EXTREMELY offensive!
    As the parent of a teen myself I understand that they are 'free spirits' at times, however I feel uncomfortable whenever I see a youngster making that gesture on your blog, and I would be very unhappy if my children were to replicate it. I fully appreciate that this may be totally innocent in your world, but to many of your international readers this probably isn't the case.

    As global travellers, I feel it is a parents job to educate their children in cultural differences and to teach them to respectfully represent themselves and their families whenever they travel either together or independently. Given that your family are so well- travelled, I'm sure that these are points that have been thoroughly discussed, but it saddens me to see your beautiful girls in poses that could easily be misconstrued.

    Wishing you all the very best,

  2. Well here it’s the peace sign. No matter which direction the hand is facing. The lesson could also be, in a global/international society, don’t be so quick to judge because it might be something totally innocent in that culture.

    1. I didn't know that the sign that I know as the peace sign (Finnish person here)has some other meaning, but I take Julie's and Perrys remarks as an opportunity to learn about the other meaning and then maybe consider weather or not I'd like to associate myself with the other meaning. Like, me and you, Batting Second, have tought that it means Peace, but what if somebody else thinks it's promoting hate, would you like the other person to think you promote hate when you wanted to promote peace? Wouldn't you then want to clarify your meaning by not using a sing that has multiple meanings that are possibly completelly opposites? It's not judging, it's an invitation to learn and adjust our behaviours if needed.

    2. I would hpoe that the person finding offence would first ask what it means in the other culture. Then of course they should be free to explain what it means in their own culture. I find the world a much nicer place when I try to understand other points of view before sharing my owm. It give me wonderful opportunities to learn and helps shape my own perspective.

  3. In the states, when the 3 remaining (crossed)fingers are facing outward toward the viewer, that is the peace sign. When the 3 fingers are facing inward that is equivalent to giving the middle finger in the UK.

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