Sometimes when I look at my children time stops.
Just for a split second.   
I’ll catch a funny joke, or one putting an arm around another, or a funny expression, and my frustration or huffiness dissipates and those children of mine take my breath away.
I am their mother.
How did I ever happen to be that lucky?  To be surrounded by these people who love to drive me crazy at times, and who make my heart throb with love.
When they were babies I thought my heart was full.  Surely it couldn’t be possible to love them more.  Their sweet cooing and stretching, their funny toddler antics.  
But I was wrong.  That love keeps growing until it almost hurts.  
Is it because they are growing up too fast and it makes me want to hold onto them?  Or is it because they are growing into individuals, becoming themselves.  And I like those “selves” a lot.
Some happenings of the high-schoolers lately:
Figuring out their school schedules for next year.  How is it possible I will have a junior and a senior??
We officially have two kid drivers because this one got her driving permit.

That is what I call crazy.

And sooooo exciting.

Early-morning ACT prep.

Lots of trips to the new temple:

We raced around town last minute to figure out this get-up for MORP (prom backwards).  The theme was “Famous Couples” so Max’s date and her friends decided they were going to be Greek gods.  

Kinda weird to send your son out wearing a sheet but whatever 🙂

Such cute kids.

Elle and I couldn’t resist capturing a little bit of the dwindling pink sky in the field across from where they took pictures.

Always something fun and entertaining going on in their teenage world.

Elle was asked to escort her friend onto the stage for this big fundraiser thing they had at school, which is kind of a funny competition among the boys.

We borrowed a dress and got her all dolled up 🙂

I must admit she was pretty cute up there.

Max and his friends showing their school support at one of the basketball games:

High school is kinda fun.
Sure these kids of mine get in trouble.  Sure they still leave socks around the house and come home late and do ridiculous things.  Sure they make my heart ache like it’s never ached before.
But in the big picture, I love the process of working through it all together.  

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  1. This post makes me love you and your family even more and really hope that my family can be somewhat like yours as my kids get older! It is always so great to hear the positive parts of having teenagers and that you really do love them more than when they were little/I even love my kids now as toddlers and "little kids".

  2. Elle looks like a model. A 25 year old model. Gorgeous. Get ready for some fun times.

    So what kind of car are you going to buy for Elle? Wow, you will be a 4 car family. I don't envy your car insurance bill with 2 teens on the policy.

  3. Love this post and as always your honesty. Can I ask a question? My kids are 8, 7, 5 and 2.5 right now. But when you say, "I love the process of working through it all together" how do you actually work through the really tough times of your kids just flat out not obeying you. I feel like everytime one of my kids disobeys my husband and I, I can get so angry and frustrated. And then I start worrying about when they are older and make mistakes that mean a whole lot more. You always give such great examples so I am wondering if you could share some specific situations and how you handle them. Thanks so much!

  4. You are such an inspiration! I am both excited about and dreading the time when I have teenagers (my son is only 1). I'd love to hear more about parenting teens/how you approach tough subjects/etc. Also, I think Grace looks so much like you. Your whole family is so beautiful.

  5. My oldest 2 are gone (mission and BYU) and it does make your heart ache to say good-bye! I met your sister Charity in the Oakland Temple this weekend. So fun! Please update the house blog! You must be close to moving in… Can't wait to see how it looks!

  6. That is a nice dress. Elegant while looking here age.

    I am so envious of today's styles. In the 80's when I was a teen it was odd shade colors and shoulder pads and wings off the hips. Who looks good in a metallic mint green or shinny glittery pink/peach almost trying to be neon dress or shirt?

  7. Thank you for this post. I can feel your heart a little bit. I so see what you are talking about…the growing up part and the heart loving so much it hurts. What a great reminder for us all to focus on who our kids really are. Sure they make mistakes, just like we do, but that positive attitude of yours inspires me. Sometimes we just need to breathe and pray and love them and then breathe and pray and love them some more. How blessed we are to get to live this part of our life with them and to be their moms forever.

  8. I find myself impatient with my own 16 year old–is it because she only has 1.5 years left with me and i have to make sure she is capable of handling her life when she leaves? This is a good reminder for me to chill out.
    Love Elle's dress and she is beautiful in it! My own 16 year old can feel Max's ACT pain except instead of early ACT prep it's late night–not ideal, but our school in Germany offer's no help, so she is taking an online class in the US from 7-11pm Saturday night.

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