…has begun.

Ok, well it probably goes right through the summer for the dedicated hikers around here.  But I’m a little wimpy and can’t seem to get excited about it when it’s over 100 degrees.  
It’s been gorgeous here the last couple weeks…even some good rain.  So one day after the biggest rain washed in my friend texted and told us about a waterfall hike.  One that’s waterfall is only in existence after a big rain, so we better drop everything and get on over there before it dried up.
So, we did.

I am in love with desert hiking.

Even this kind where we had to honestly cut through some serious brush to get to that waterfall that lured us in.

See this picture below?  That’s not a picture off the side of the trail, that IS the trail.

(or the lack thereof)  We had to cut right through that stuff if we were going to get up and back before appointments and kids getting home (it was a long hike).

All those bushes to pave our way through proved to not be the smartest day for shorts, but we survived!  Here’s another section of the “trail” we took…see my friend in blue ahead of me below?

Ok, not see off to the right in that pic below?

 Yeah, that’s the waterfall.

What was that?  You were expecting something bigger for all that work?  Ha!  So were we, but we sure had an adventure finding it!

Here’s a closer look after we scaled all the huge boulders with a little stream trickling below us to get there:

We were pretty excited.  There’s something about the sound of water that is pretty beautiful, especially after a long hiking adventure…even if it’s not a lot of water:)

There is nothing like a good hike for good discussions, and I loved talking with these wise ladies through our little (that ended up to be big) adventure.

 Bring on the fall hiking!  We better keep this up!


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