You know those shows about hoarders on tv where they just can’t stop collecting “stuff?”

I think we have one brewing right here under our noses.

Wowzers, she just doesn’t stop.

She just told me those game die are from my sister-in-law’s 2nd grade classroom we visited last summer. (Sorry, Carol Lynn! We’ll send them to you!)

Hmmm, we may have a kleptomaniac on our hands too.

At least she puts all the things she collects to good use when she gets that imagination of hers revved up. (Click here to see what I mean.)

Love that girl.

If you see anything that belongs to your child in that bag please let me know and we will return it promptly, with a note of apology personalized from Lu 🙂

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  1. I was just thinking the same thing about my 7 yrar old. Every night I help her clean up(even toss out) the mess- everyday she has collected more. She too had a fabulous imagination – it's the thing that keeps me from tossing it all out;)

    Hope you are well- we recently moved to Henderson and love the desert life;)

  2. Oh, my! This looks like my purse after a trip to the children's hospital for one of Sariah's appointments. That child can get anything from anybody–she has figured out that the more charming she is, the more prizes she gets from techs, nurses, doctors, and the ladies running the gift shops. It's downright scary. Sometimes I take the stroller just to haul all of our stuff away. Once, we left the hospital after a 10 day stay with two WAGONLOADS of toys–we'd arrived with a single suitcase of jammies. The amazing thing is, Sariah really does play with it all. They all become part of the world that is fueled by her imagination. Good times!

  3. This made me smile. My 10-year-old does the same thing. Although it drives me crazy, I am awed every single day by where her imagination leads her.

  4. I have one of those klepto's living with me too! She's 8 and I hope she grows out of it soon! She keeps bags full of stuff EVERYWHERE!!!

  5. Looks just like my little ones bags. She finds and fills anything that can store.

    She gets so attached to her "treasures" and when I try and throw them out or let her choose which ones she can get rid of it's not pretty. She remembers something but each treasure and just can't bare to part with it.

    Silly girls!

  6. My seven year old son doesn't through anything away. He collects junk of all sorts, thinking he'll one day be able to make something out of it. I admire his industriousness, but um, I can't stand junk filling up my house! As a compromise, we gave him a corner of the basement, a large storage bin in his bedroom and one drawer of his dresser that he can use to hold his stuff. When he runs out of room, he has to go through and throw stuff away to make more room. It's been a good lesson for him to analyze and decide what's worth keeping and what can be trashed, and it helps me maintain some semblance of order. 🙂 We both win.

    That little bag full of treasures is adorable.

  7. I totally went through that stage! My mom found "packed" bags everywhere! Don't worry I grew out of it… but it sometimes influences me when I pack for vacation ; )

  8. I had a daughter who use to do the same thing. We would pat her down after visiting the grocery store. She thought the candy at the check out was free. LOL>…

  9. Lucy that is too cute! I have a little girl your age that does the exact same thing, only that her very special "treasures" go into a rainbow striped cookie jar!

    I am always living in fear that the cookie jar is going to end up in a million pieces over the floor, but it seems to have survived for the last year being carried up and down the stairs and in and out of the house into the garden. We can find anything in her cookie jar – from keys (the mailbox key was missing for sometime and my husband had to "jimmy open" the mailbox in order to receive the post!) to gift ribbon, random rocks collected from our walks and of course her fairies. She also loves to bring home little things from preschool – just the other day she brought home a tiny little stuffed puppy dog because she thought he needed a bath! Which reminds me, I need to take back a Legos man that came home last week 😉

    It is beautiful that they can treasure and see value in the most simple things.
    Thanks for sharing Shawni 🙂

  10. My 6 year old is the same way! My hubby & I joke that she will end up on the show Hoarders!! She saves anything & everything! And every purse she has is full!! Gotta love them!

  11. I watched that show for the first time last night! Does anyone else feel like cleaning their house after watching that show?!?!

    My 4 year old is similar. I find her with jewellery boxes full of her precious things, or random handbags with toys in it.

    I'm wondering if she needs a bag like Lu to carry all of her stuff?! Although, I think she would probably "adopt" things from classrooms or her sisters etc as well!

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