We don’t go to movies much. Sure, they’re great, but if I get Dave to myself for a night, or even if we’re out with friends, what’s the point of sitting in a movie theater when we could be talking?

It’s not that I don’t like movies…quite the contrary. I love the previews. I love the feel of sitting in those seats with that huge screen that takes me to another world. I just don’t generally chose that option over the other options.

But, this holiday season we’ve seen three. And here’s my unsolicited two cents about them:

I wanted, with all my heart, to get up and walk out of this movie. SO sad that they can mess up such a classic. There was no character development. I swear all they cared about was showing off their great animation, which was good, but seriously, what about Tiny Tim? What about showing how Scrooge’s heart changed? Who cares about black horses chasing Scrooge for 10 minutes while he, for some strange reason, shrinks and starts to talk with a mouse voice?

Interestingly enough though, when the lights came up after the movie, our kids couldn’t say thanks enough and claimed to love it. Hmmm.

I’m not a huge Twilight fan, but I had to give in to the pressure and see this one…twice. Once with my sister who was in town and missed seeing it with her friends, and once with my parents and Dave. The first time = pretty good (it’s pretty fun to see any show, especially one with werewolves and vampires with my little sister…she’s the best). The second time = interesting because of my Dad’s big thing about how, in a way, this series teaches abstinence…it made for a pretty interesting discussion. But not very romantic the second time around with Dave huffing and puffing at my side about how dumb it was. Click here for my favorite spoof about Twilight.

I loved this one. It’s made me think a little each day about certain aspects of life. Would I be that nice? How can we help more people out there like that? Do I brainwash my kids to thinking how I think…just a little, innocent, bit? Lots of food for thought.

I’d love to hear what others thought, and any other good recommendations. Maybe I’ll start to be a movie buff after all…

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  1. #1 – heard christmas carol was scary.

    #2 – pretty much giggled and rolled my eyes throughout new moon…even in a theater filled with friends.

    #3 – loved it!

  2. Not big Jim Carey fan. I decided I didn't want to see Christmas Carol based on previews and reviews from someone else who had seen it. Saved a little money there.:)

    I have read all the Twilight books and loved them. I had no desire to read them until a friend talked me into them. Loved them. Of course books are alwasy better than movies but I'm ready to see it a second time even though I sat in disbelief at the end. What a cliff hanger for those who haven't ready the series.

    Can't wait to see this one. Haven't seen the previews but did read a small bit in the paper. It was enough to make me curious.

  3. Shawni,
    Ben and I loved Blindside. We went directly to the store to buy the book afterward. The book wasn't as good as the movie. But the book made me think even more about the cycles in the "ghettos" and how we can do more to change it. The book also made me more aware and grateful for what blessing we recieve just by having a small education.

  4. So glad to meet someone else who isn't a huge Twilight fan. Forced myself to read 1/2 the book but just couldn't go on. I saw Everybody's Fine…thought it was a comedy for some reason. NOT. Bring tissues. Like a whole box. But very very interesting…about expectations of adult children etc. Robert DeNiro is wonderful in it.

  5. I agree with you that the Christmas Carol was no Carol. The movie was more of a Halloween movie. Even my children were scared and that says a lot because my children don't get scared easily.

  6. Glad I didn't go to Christmas Carol which sounds as though one of my favorite classics has been massacred!

    That poor Bella….if it's not one thing it's another! Loooong silences left me wanting to put words in their mouths! Woah!

    The Blind Side is one of my favs of the year! That Sandra Bullock was amazing! Great story on so many levels!

  7. I just saw the Blind Side last night — LOVE it!

    I think once is enough for New Moon — the books were fine — I'm not obsessed, though I did enjoy them. Oh, and I am SO glad I didn't see it with Chris. He would have been the same as Dave . . .

  8. so sad about 'christmas carol'…the entire point is scrooge's change of heart and it sounds like that was completely lost. sad. not surprised that a movie studio messed up another classic…i thought 'polar express' was scarey and ruined too. i will see 'new moon' for fun, but i wish all of the middle-aged l.d.s. women (of which i am one) would stop embarassing themselves with the over-the-top obsession. i mean, really, ladies…taylor lautner is like 17 years old. let's keep perspective. i haven't seen 'blindside' but i've heard great things.

  9. I have been holding off on seeing The Christmas Carol. And, I am glad to hear your review so I can hold off indefinitely.

    Now on funny New Moon spoofs…

    This is the funniest one I've seen recently. It has more of a Twilight mormon-spin on it.

  10. Shawni, it's Holly Hinckley. Yes, I totally read your blog and I adore it. Just have to put in a plug for the Blind Side book! If you loved the movie, you'll LOVE the book. I gave it to my husband for father's day last year, thinking it was just a football book. I'd never heard of Michael Oher and we had no idea there was a movie coming. When he finished he said, "I think you'll like this. Just give it a try." It was amazing – one of my all time favorite books, much to my delight and surprise. It's not the movie: the movie is the story of Michael Oher, the book is the story of something bigger than Michael Oher – the ghetto, the left tackle position, Christian goodness, the untapped potential of underprivileged youth. The writing is wonderful and keeps you moving quickly through it. I'm putting it on our book club list. Love love to you!

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