We’re home and man alive, things are hopping around here.

We usually roll back into town after Bear Lake with seconds to spare before “Meet the Teacher Night” and school starting. We push it to the limit. One year we had to drive straight to the school before even going home, still covered in Bear Lake sand and Coppertone suntan lotion.

This year we have a full week before school starts on Monday and boy oh boy are we ever using our time well. We actually even have school supplies before school starts. Feels good.

We came home to a house chock full in every nook and cranny with dust from getting the kitchen cabinets painted while we were gone…(LOVE them…pictures later)…and lots of returns and exchanges in trying to give the family room a little “spruce-up.”

Dave’s brother and his wife have been in town. We loved having a get-together with them and the rest of the in-town family here.

My brother and his family are in town. We loved soaking them up while they stayed with us for a night.

Dave’s sister and her family will be showing up today…can’t wait.

The mounds of mail have been sorted.

The fridge and freezer have been re-stocked.

Doctors have been called and visited.

The kids have been “starting” their nights with friends at 9:00p.m. It’s going to be nuts to try to get them back on schedule next week.

As much as I miss Bear Lake like crazy, the best thing about being home is that my kids and husband are “mine” again. Sure, we were together the whole summer. But here I get them to myself so much more. And I missed that.

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  1. loved all the pictures from bear lake and wondering if you could adopt me and my family?

    What a great retreat and place to spend your summers. The memories, the cousin time, the beautiful nature. What a great gift you are giving your kids each summer. Sorry our paths didn't cross while we were in the beehive state. maybe next time?

  2. My kids are on the worst schedule right now too.
    BTW, LOVE LOVE LOVE the butterfly picture of Lucy. You definitely need to print up that baby!!!

  3. So glad you are home safe and had such a great summer. WE can't wait to see you. Give all the children our love as they start school, such an exciting time! We love each dearly. Mom

  4. As much as we dearly miss you, I totally identify with having those kids all to yourself. I just never wanted summer to end! Still, there's great things about getting back into a routine, which will happen soon enough! As Wilford Woodruff always said, "Go on your way rejoicing."

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