I’m finally back with my Thursday recipes…which I love to have here so I can look them up any time, anywhere I have internet.

Here we go…

My sisters are great cooks.

They know how to whip up fancy stuff lickety-split.

Come to think of it, my brothers are pretty good chefs too…and their wives are too.  More on them and the awesome food everyone made at the reunion this year a little later, but for now, I just want to share a simple thing my sister showed me last summer that I’ve become addicted to:

Home-made croutons.

Makes my mouth water to even think about them (I think I’m hungry right now, but seriously they are g-o-o-d).

And when I tell you how to make them you’ll say, “well, duh, that is soooo easy!”  And I’ll say, “sometimes the easiest things are the best.”  And then you will make them and you will agree: easy can equal tasty.

And kind of fancy looking too.

So here you go.

You just need french bread.  Any kind.  And olive oil.  And salt.  (Kosher is best.)

Cut the bread into chunks.

Put it on a pan.

Drizzle olive oil over it.   This is tricky cause I have no idea how much.  Just lightly drizzle.

Sprinkle kosher salt over the bread cubes.

Mix it together with a spatula (or clean hands…that works best to be honest).

Spread out in pan again.

Broil ’til lightly browned (2-3 minutes…watch it close!).

(Try to keep children and taste-testing adults away so you’ll have some to eat with your salad.)

Top salad of your choice with those tasty suckers.

Take a picture with you and your cute nephew upside down in the bowl reflection:

Share that salad with people you love and listen to them ooooo and ahhhh about how much they love those croutons.

This one was a caesar salad with my sis-in-law’s secret dressing I’ll have to share some day.


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  1. Yum!! Cant wait for your reunion post! Those are my favorite posts of yours because i wish i had a big family like that.

  2. We LOVE Caesar salad…please post the "secret" salad dressing recipe! Love your parents and did Joy School years ago and now attend their classes at BYU Ed. Week for their wonderful teaching and insights. You are raising a great family and thank you for your inspiring blog!

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