We are home.

Which means our house has been filled to the brim with the neighbors, we have what Dave likes to call “kid soup” in the swimming pool, there are still lingering duffle bags and odds and ends that need to be put in their place, and endless messages waiting to be listened to on the answering machine.

But we are here. And it feels good…and hot.

As Dave and I cajoled the kids inside to dinner last night from the back yard where they were making all sorts of joyous ruckus, Dave announced to the neighbors (who were not actually there, but who were certainly aware of our presence after a nice, peaceful summer), “Yes, we are home.”

On a different note, over the summer I have had a number of e-mails asking photography detail questions.

So it’s perfect timing that Shabby Apple (a wonderful clothing company) has asked me to do some guest posts this week specifically on that topic.

The first one posted today here. (More actual photography details coming…)

With that, I must finish putting away the groceries and get Max to the orthodontist (which will make three teeth appointments today…nothing like getting right back in the swing of things).

Love, Shawni

p.s. I forgot to post my parent’s blogs on the last post, but now I’ve added them.

p.s.s. Potty training is NOT fun.


  1. Hey Shawni
    How old is Lucy? I had two children who were just NOT ready and they were 3 and probably closer to 4 before I started.
    One was ready a lot sooner and I think the other two were 3. My point being….by trying to potty train them before THEY were ready, I had to deal with too many bed wetting accidents as well as potty in the pants accidents. I HATED it.
    Obviously you know your kiddos better than anyone, but is Lucy really ready?

  2. Hey Shawni!

    I was wondering how you started potty training Lucy? Does her school help out with the process at all? Zac also has BBS and he's been ready for a while now but is so resistant to change and has a few sensory issues (ie; doesn't like wearing underwear). He is in a special ed pre-school program and I'm hoping to work with his teacher in the fall to get him going. I totally bribed my older one with everything imaginable but Zac, that boy cannot be bribed! It has to be HIS idea if it's ever going to happen! Anyway, good luck!

    One more thing (sorry for the super long comment), my sister just moved to Glendale so perhaps we can meet the next time I go out there to visit her. I'll keep you posted…



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