Oh boy, it was a big weekend around here last weekend.

Because it was Homecoming.  
Which marked the first high school dance since Grace became dateable (age 16).  
We were all pretty excited around here.  
I posted about when she got asked back HERE.
Grace started preparing for this puppy since that first night she was asked.  But of course, even then, there are still some hiccups when it came to the real-deal.  But she emerged radiant and glowing, ready for that cute date to pick her up.
And they had the best night.

But let’s back up to the prep for a sec.
My cute niece came over to do her hair all up fancy.

(She did this for Elle too…love you Brim!)
We went to the MAC counter at the mall to get her make-up done…which turned out to be quite a bit more than she had requested.

But she came home and wiped a bunch of it off, we cut off part of her little slip dealio to make it fit better and her more comfortable in the seconds before her date showed up, and she came out to greet him just as gorgeous as could be.

Her date came to pick her up.  Seriously the greatest kid, love him.

They dolled each other up…

 (aren’t those flowers gorgeous?  Loved them)

 And I snapped a couple pictures before the crowds arrived.

Then everyone came and showed up in our front yard for pictures.

They all looked so beautiful!

It was a HUGE group of 28 of the nicest kids.

And those flowers…


Here are the boys:

 They cracked us up trying to think of all kinds of ideas for poses.

 …and the girls:


Let’s take a look at all those cute shoes and corsages:

 More boy poses 🙂

 Some close-ups of cool hair-dos:

 That good dad sending off his daughter:

 …and her mom who sure loves her more than words can say:

It was fun to take all those pictures, but I gotta close with my favorite:
…which kind of sums up the night I think.
Fun times I tell you!
We sent some of these pictures to Max this week and he could hardly believe them.  This girl was 14 when he left.  He’s going to be so surprised to come home to all these grown-up sisters of his!  
That girl of ours came home with such a big smile.  It was a good night 🙂


  1. Thanks for letting them come take pics at your house! My son James went with Lauren and you got the best pic of the night with him! He is a hard one to get a real smile out of so I was so happy to see this one. Since he is going to school with cousins and we are in Idaho I just ❤️ these even more. Made my day!

  2. Your pictures are so precious. What a beautiful night!! Who wrangles the kids and tells them how to pose for all these pictures? They all sitting the same, standing, etc. I would also love to know what kind of benches you use. Do you have anywhere on your blog about your camera equipment you use? Thanks and love all your posts!!

    1. I've done a lot of family photography in the past so usually I just tell kids where to go, but this dance (and one other), Grace's date's mom was the main photographer, so she was posing everyone. I loved just being able to take pictures and enjoy the process. I did a blog post on camera equipment back here: https://71toes.com/p/photography-faq.html
      But since then I have switched to a Canon 6D. The benches were just a mixture of a couple from our back porch and one from our kitchen.

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