I’m here to offer a little hope to mothers with squabbling children.

Remember these notes I posted from Lucy a while back?:

Ok there were more notes than this describing our family, but this one kind of sums up the rest of them…Lucy was right, Grace and Claire were “fighting friends” through and through.  Those two went through a champion fighting stage.  They were always squabbling about something. (Those notes were from a couple years ago.)
So I figured it would be good to come back to report that the “fighting friends” are no longer fighters.
In fact, they are the best of friends.
They seek each other out at school, tell each other everything, and lift each other in pretty beautiful ways that make my heart swell.
And sometimes, when you have kids clinging on your legs and whining and battling about who did what to mess up the day, and everyone else’s lives (yes I’ve heard it all and the drama is real), you just need a little hope to cling onto.  

Siblings can be the best of friends.  Sometimes it just takes a little (or a LOT) of patience to wait for the beauty of friendships to unfold.

Sometimes also, those best of friends can sway the other way and go from this:

…right back the other direction to the “fighting-and-annoying-each-other-non-stop” kind of “friends.”
And I’m here to hope that this relationship switches back to the dreamy friendships too 🙂
Maybe I’m here to remind myself that I need to be patient.  It’s all part of the journey!


  1. Three can be a hard number sometimes – so easy to have two and one, especially when you are growing up. I'm one of three. But time and patience have a way of working it out 🙂 Thank you for all you share!

  2. Good reminder! Thanks! But how do you handle it through the part where they are telling you how you are ruining their life???? Or each other's? Ha!

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