Not the “hot babe” kind (although I do think these girls are pretty darn cute).

I’m talking the radiating heat kind of “hot.”

This is how these poor girls get home from school:
And their mean mom doesn’t even come pick them up.
Because they’re tough. That’s why. (And because they want to be with their friends baking in the sun while walking or riding bikes…or taking the bus.)
They sure don’t look any worse for the wear.
They’re good sports taking all these pictures.

This is how they went out the door to school the first week:Grace coddled that little sister of hers like nobody’s business.

But then Claire still decided to take the bus. I mean, what kindergartener can turn down the bus?

Especially when has a/c and it’s 115 degrees outside!And Lu wanted a picture too even though she wasn’t as red as a beet this day.

Believe me, Max and Elle sure could have their own album of “hot pictures” as well but I haven’t quite captured those ones yet.

Man, it’s hot here.

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  1. My girls look like that too – they walk half way home and I meet them in the A/C'ed van! But usually some sucker in their group is carrying about 7 of their backpacks. On purpose. I think they are trying to die of heatstroke! Oh, and our recent getaway trip to Utah was partially inspired by all your Utah adventures. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. the heat also produces some cold weather wimps. we went to utah this summer and were swimming on a day where it was 88, my kids were FREEZING and only lasted about 1/2 hour. (we live in Vegas btw).

  3. Okay…stop already!!! I can't stand anymore cuteness from those adorable girls of yours!! (-: I just want to give that Gracie a big back to school hug! I caught a glimpse of Max the other day during lunchtime, looking handsome and happy. I hope all your kiddos have a fantastic school year!

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