We happened to be moving Claire in for college on Father’s Day (more on that big move later this week) which meant some great things:

1) We got to be out of the blasted heat in the desert.

2) We got to be with five of our seven kids for the big day (yes we count the in-laws for sure:)

We met up with the college kids for church, minus our newest college girl Claire (she went to attend her new ward).

And you know what’s pretty amazing?

We happened to run into some of our dearest friends from our days in China who happened to be visiting the same church at the same time.

Oh how we love those guys who took us under their wing in so many ways all those years ago.

We had brunch.

We took in the views:

Claire got a special Father’s blessing (she starts school on Tuesday):

And we got to meet up for dinner with these other good dads:

(My brother-in-law and my dear dad.)

Almost all the sisters together with this dad we adore:

(My other sister Charity was out of town, missed you Char!)

So many good stories about that guy coming up in our sisters podcast!

He is one in a million. And I love him so very much.

Lucy was delighted to rally the troops to play some Father’s Day games:

This picture shows the delight a little better:

So grateful for all the dads who make the world go around.

Especially this guy:

No one in the world I’d rather has as my partner.

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  1. I am a casual follower of your blog and enjoy it! I feel a little silly for asking this question but my 25 yr old son is picky about pants and I think he might like the casual pants Dave is wearing! Do you mind sharing the name brand so I can hunt for them? 😉

  2. Can you share sometime about your pictures? Do you still mostly use a Canon with a 24-70 lens or do you mostly grab your phone?
    Your pictures are always spectacular so it doesn’t seem to be your phone but if it’s your camera, how do you carry that around with you always?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you for the compliment about the pictures, these ones are just from my iPhone which does a pretty good job. I don’t lug my big camera around nearly as much as I used to, but I wish I did! My kids aren’t as apt to pose for it so I’m less motivated these days!

  3. Happy Father’s Day! I couldn’t help noticing in the pic of your Dad with your kids close up… every single eyebrow of each person is perfect! Check it out! Even the boys/men!! Ha ha! And then I noticed how perfect eyebrows runs among all of you in all the pics… Silly to share, but eyebrow gifts and skillzzz you all have!! 🙂 Love those happy smiles!

  4. Seems like many are questioning about clothes in this post. I’m here to do the same. Your girls have such a wide range of dresses, and I am wondering where you shop for many of them as I have 3 girls of my own.
    Thank you

  5. The place were you stayed looks amazing. Is this a rental and if so can you share? We are looking for a large place for a family get together.
    Thank you so much!

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