Welp, we hit the jackpot in the daughter-in-law category.

And of course, we didn’t chose her as that blog title implies, Max did.

But he did a pretty dang good job choosing I must say!

Right from the start, she swept right in and became part of this little-bit-crazy family.

She’s always up for an adventure.

She cares about the “one.”

She loves anything “mini.”

She’s not afraid to dig in and work hard:

She let her two little sis-in-laws move in with her for a while while they were homeless:

She’s the best conversationalist and will keep me in the loop with life.

She knows a little something about everything and is so well-rounded.

She is an avid reader and is always learning something new.

She has natural beauty from the inside out.

She has a can-do attitude and figures out how to do everything from getting a new job to learn more, to , to healthy eating, to cheering up Lucy when she’s having a rough day, to budgeting, to making everyone around her feel loved.

AND, she’s bringing us our first grandbaby!


Love you forever Abigail Jane!

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  1. Did you ever feel a little worried that they met and married so fast ? What was they timeline?
    It all worked out , and they make an awesome couple but as parents were you ever worried about that, with any of your kids? Lds people seem to get married very fast.

    1. Are you worried that 18 year olds join the military or live away from home for college or work? I find culture kinda goofy. They want 16 year olds to vote and 10 year olds to have abortions without a parent but marrying at 20/22 is a big deal? The average marrying age in Utah is 24. There seems to be married housing for college and school is set to deal with child care for students. I think it’s mostly cause people spend a few years away from college so they end up getting married before they graduate. If they didn’t interrupt school for a few years then they would have married their last year of college or after graduation.

    2. Yes I was so worried! It was super fast and Max was so fresh back from his mission! But it was interesting because I had a pretty special experience with that worry. I prayed about it a lot. And I was overcome with such a peace about it all. I am so so grateful for that!

      1. I’d love to hear Max and Abby’s story sometime!! How they met, started dating, etc. I always love to hear couples’ “how they got together” stories.

  2. Part of me was actually hoping for some tips on how to choose a daughter-in-law, haha! I often joke with my children I’ll be choosing their spouse for them. I suppose one of the best ways to help them choose a great spouse someday is to be a good person myself. That way the boys can just look for someone like their mama. (One can dream anyway!)

    Happy birthday and congratulations on the baby to your Abby!

    1. I LOVE that thought: “the best way to help them chose a great spouse someday is to be a good person myself.” So true and beautifully said!

  3. I am tickled pink for Max and Abby. I started reading this as a mom to a 22 month old and newborn in a Sacramento rental. I have since moved 3 more times (now New England) and had my fifth baby (unplanned yikes!) 5 weeks ago. Through it all Ive watched your kids grow. Have been on baby watch for a while. But how do they age and you dont? Hmm…

    1. Ha! That is nice of you, I sure feel like I’m aging! Congratulations on that fifth baby!! What a gift to have a baby to snuggle at Christmastime. Snuggle that little bundle extra from me! Sending you lots of love!

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