My friend who has gone through an extremely difficult time once told me that acknowledging the pain others are going through, no matter how awkward or uncomfortable it might be, is what continues to get her through.

Today I’m here to tell two stories of people who are not only acknowledging pain, but doing something about it.

You know those people who see a need and roll up their sleeves and get to work?

You see their valiant efforts and your jaw is on the floor because they know the truth: where there’s a will there’s a way.

And that will of theirs helps them move mountains to make a difference like nobody’s business.

I know two families who have felt a call to make a difference in Ukraine.

And I don’t mean just donate some money or send some supplies (although we can never underestimate the beauty of even those simple acts of love).

But these families have gone above and beyond to try to help those struggling so deeply in that land that has been diluted from the news lately. That land that is in such dire straits.

The first family felt a call months ago and have been practically living in Poland on the border of Ukraine since.

They started an organization called “Reach Humanity” with a goal to reach and give aid to as many as possible who are suffering in Ukraine.

So much more information on how they started and what YOU can do on instagram HERE, or on their website HERE.

Our neighbors headed over there and were able to help back in May.

More over HERE if you care to read.

Their sister is a friend of mine and asked me to help photograph the huge fundraiser they were putting on back in May.

I was grateful to be able to be involved.

Here’s some of the action:

If you are interested in learning more about how this valiant effort is going and how to help in their efforts, be sure to click HERE.

The other organization that is amazing to me is called “Welcome NST.”

It is an organization my sister’s friend, (and really, my friend too:), Liz Edwards started and has gained so much momentum. She has such a natural heart to help refugees and has been working on refugee relief for years. This is from the WelcomeNST website:

In the context of the tidal wave of refugees from Ukraine, Afghanistan, and around the world, many of us have watched from a distance in horror, wanting to help, yet feeling helpless and hopeless in its wake.

WelcomeNST changes that. We build bridges that connect you directly with refugees in need by forming Neighborhood Support Teams (NSTs) that are prepared to welcome and support families disrupted by war.

It is pretty incredible that they have been able to gather so much support in such a short amount of time:

Seventy-five “Neighborhood Support Teams” across the United States who are supporting hundreds of refugees as they are finding new life and getting situated in a vastly different world from what they left.

You can find that website HERE to find out more.

But here’s the time-sensitive (and pretty cool) part:

Liz will be online TONIGHT to share so much information from the “front lines” where she has been serving over in Ukraine.

You can check it out over on Instagram and sign up to join in.

The link to sign up is HERE.

I have been looking for more “real” information, so I’m anxious to tune in.

I know these two organizations are just drops in the bucket of all the needs going on globally right now. It’s so easy to just wring our hands and not know what to do. But I’m a big believer in what my friend told me: that doing SOMETHING is the answer.

No matter how big or little it is.

To engage our hearts and minds in good and turning outside of ourselves, interconnectivity, is what this world is all about.

Heres to good people doing good in so many forms all over the world.

A good book about refugees:

What can we give? (Where the Wind Leads)

(scroll down to the second book on that post)

Opportunities of “where the wind leads”

(more book recommendations at the end of that post)

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